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Great Advice on How to Choose the Best Business Entity for Your New Business

One of the first things you’ll have to think about when deciding how you can start your own business is what sort of business entity is right for you. There are numerous issues to consider: the character of your specific business endeavor, whether you need to protect your personal assets, whether or not you will be looking for a loan, etc. Here’s a rundown of your choices, each one with its unique benefits and disadvantages.

Your Business Blueprint – Maximising Your Performance and Return On Investment

Let’s imagine that your business is working well and achieving the results you’re expecting. What could possibly go wrong next? Well – what would happen if you were ill?

The Perfect Economic Storm for a Tsunami of Cash

Not since the Great Depression has the timing been so ripe, the convergence of certain trends been so perfect, for the creation of massive wealth. What are these trends and how will smart entrepreneurs take advantage of them?

The 5 Knows of Successful Entrepreneurs

I know it might sound like a funny title, The 5 Knows of Successful Entrepreneurs, but I believe that knowing these five truths is crucial for any business, small or large, to thrive in this modern business environment. The reason many businesses fail is due to a lack of knowledge of these five truths so bare with me as I go through them. If you will apply them to your business I am sure you will see great changes take place.

4 Steps To Planning Your Joint Venture

Every great business proposition begins with a plan, and so it is with your joint venture. The steps you take before you launch your JV will have a tremendous impact on the overall success of your partnership. Before you even approach a potential JV partner, know the steps involved in planning this type of partnership to maximize your potential for success.

Starting Your Own Online Dating Business

Starting your first online business or even adding to your list of online businesses can be pose many problems and headaches such as development, hosting and many more associated problems like what payment provider to use. However, there’re several ways you can reduce many of these problems or associated cost and have an internet business with no upfront or running costs. One option is to start an online dating site, or even a complete dating network.

7 Steps Exceptional Athletes Teach Us About Exceptional Entrepreneurial Success

An exceptional athlete wouldn’t participate in multiple sports, she would choose one in which she could leverage her gift! If she spread herself too thin, among multiple sports, she wouldn’t know how to train, how to focus, and she would never learn how to be her exceptional self.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Become an Entrepreneur

So many want to start a business but we all know not everyone is cut out for it. If you are considering becoming an entrepreneur, find out if you are really ready to take on this new endeavor.

Dreams of Entrepreneurship – 5 Considerations Before Turning Your Passion Into Profit

Many spend a lifetime in search of work that is not only financially empowering but also gratifying. The sense of fulfillment that is achieved when the world of work and passion meet is simply blissful. Although there is no magic equation to ensure that pursuit of passion is profitable, there are a few considerations that hopeful entrepreneurs should think through.

Mosquitoes, Malaria and What May Be Stopping You From Getting Clients

I really love deconstructing the psychology of why service-based business owners get hired. So what needs to be in place for someone to even begin contemplating hiring you? I can boil it down to just 2 words:

Two Towels, One Bucket, One Sponge, and 27 Years of Hard Work

Yes, we live in the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, and I can prove it. You see, I was able to start a business at age 12 washing airplanes at the airport. I started out with two towels, one bucket, one sponge, and built my business through reinvesting the profits.

Why Racing Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

It has often been said that the most competitive people are drawn to entrepreneurship and competing in free markets. I definitely agree with that. In fact, I think some of my best training was as a track star in high school and college, as racing really teaches you how to compete and how to win.

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