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Getting the Help You Need Without Using a Management Consultant

It may surprise you to know that much of what a management consultant purports to give you can be obtained elsewhere… for free. This won’t always be the case, and you shouldn’t automatically assume that it will, but you ought to at least consider the possibility before spending a lot of time and money on bringing in an external expert.

Who Can We Blame?

Ever since the white collar recession in the mid-1980s (US) and early 1990s (UK), there has been an abundance of self-employed management consultants. A lot of middle managers lost their jobs, and rather than looking for new ones, they instead set up shop in a spare bedroom. Nothing wrong with that, of course.; but the irony is that those who for one reason or another couldn’t hold onto their jobs now felt that they were in a position to advise others who could.

A Positive Attitude Can Mean Everything To Your Success

You can learn everything there is to know about sales techniques, marketing strategies and systems. You can be a whiz at setting up sites and building Facebook pages, but if you have a bad attitude, it will cloud all of your hard work. Make sure you do a gut check every so often and think about how you feel about you, your situation and your company. If any of them aren’t working for you, reset your attitude or change the things in your life that are negatively effecting you.

What Is Your 20?

Recently I was asked in an interview about the number one strategy I recommend for anyone starting or growing a 6-figure business. My response was simple, if nothing else, focus on the 80/20 rule. Now the 80/20 rule was popularized by Timothy Ferriss in The 4-Hour Work Week, but I’ve been using this rule since 2000 when I first learned about it. For those of you unsure about the 80/20 rule and let me tell you a little bit about it and then give you some guidance about what it might look like for you in your business stage.

The Investment You Can Create

Think about it: every professional who’s hung out a shingle and built a client list has created property. Every writer who’s published a book has created property. Everyone who’s ever come up with a good idea and turned it into a commercial enterprise has created property….

Online Entrepreneurs Are Real

Online entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm. Who are they and what do they do?

Practical Tips for Start-Up Entrepreneurs

The world is changing, the entrepreneur revolution is moving forward faster and with more clout. Technology especially cyber space has opened up the world; we can now trade with anybody almost anywhere. In times past we had to queue at the library to access information, statistics and relevant data, now this is an issue of the past. The world is the oyster of the savvy entrepreneur due to access to unparalleled amount of information, to help make informed choices and better decisions.

Break or Be Broken

Working tirelessly often leaves us worn out at the end of the day, often with so much left unaccomplished. So we push ourselves harder the next day, and the next, and never give ourselves a moment to reset and recharge. The human body is a magnificent machine capable of accomplishing anything, but even it needs a moment to rest.

Life Lessons From the Business World That College Won’t Teach You

My time in the business world started quite awkwardly. Apparently learning does not come with a manual. Although it wasn’t always easy, the lessons I brought from the business world and my fledgling entrepreneurship were invaluable…

Make Money Online (Without Spending a Dime) – Is It Possible?

Almost everywhere you look online there are advertisements that promise you the ability to make money from home without spending a dime. The question people should be asking is: “is this even possible?” and the answer is yes and no.

5 Things That Will Leave You Broke In Your Business

Basically there are 5 things that leave 97% of entrepreneurs broke in their business. There are many things out there that cause people to lose their focus but I think these are the 5 most common that I will discuss in this article.

The 4 Excuses That Are Holding You Back

Learn what is keeping you stuck. Get out of your own way today.

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