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How to Deal With the Cost of a Professional Business Plan

Many entrepreneurs set out to become business owners not really knowing how they will be able to afford start-up expenses, much less operation of a successful organization. This article serves as reinforcement to future owners that although the fee associated with soliciting a professional business plan writer can sometimes be costly, there are methods of negotiation that may minimize the impact of payment. With the business plan being the first and most important element of starting a business, entrepreneurs should not allow cost to discourage them before even setting out on their journey.

What Does It Take to Start a Wedding Business? – 3 Pillars That Determine Your Success

Starting a wedding planner business takes more effort than just your starting money. One has to be extra patient and sociable to be successful in the wedding business.

Life Events That Drove Me to Entrepreneurship

I never grew up telling myself that I would own my own business. As a matter of fact, until my last semester at college, I thought that I was there to chase girls around…

Buying Or Selling A Business Is Unlike Anything Else

This article summarizes the benefits and values of buying or selling a business. It covers valuations, advertising and negotiations. All of these steps are key features when one is thinking of selling their business or becoming a buyer of a business.

Consistently Play At The Top of Your Game

It’s not rocket science. Customers and buyers want to do business with your organization because they know what is agreed upon will be delivered on time. Recently, I worked with a company and they had a hard time telling me a delivery date. The reason was because they didn’t know when their supplier would complete their part. They didn’t say they would check with the supplier and get back to me with a delivery date. Obviously, they’re not motivated.

How You Can Become Mighty Like Stephenie Myers

Might is a word in the English language that means both power and possibility. Professional people are different from armatures in that they are willing to show up even if they don’t necessarily feel like it. Have you heard the story of a woman named Stephenie Myers from Phoenix, Arizona? She persevered through all kinds of self-doubt and fear to become a very professional author and successful mother of three. This is a story of how you just might be able to change your life like Stephenie did.

Become a Successful Entrepreneur in Your Own Home Wellness Business

Most of us don’t know anything about business and entrepreneur success. A home wellness business could be the answer.

Understanding Money Velocity In Your Business

If you are an entrepreneur, then it is crucial that you understand the velocity of money. Understanding the velocity of money can help you make more money at quicker speeds than you may have thought possible. Rich people understand the concept of money velocity very well. They use this core principal to amass wealth very quickly and systematically.

The Cost of Capital and Bears in the Trees

It’s well past closing on Wednesday and here, in the thick of the week, a good chunk of the staff is still head down, working hard at their jobs to get things done. It’s a sign the CEO has done the job to motivate them to physically and emotionally “buy-in” to goals of the company. Maybe Kim has setup stock options for them or maybe they simply believe in the vision. Usually, she would be encouraged by the effort and proud of what is happening. But on this day, the Kim is tense, nervous and sweating.

Tips on Selling a Small Business

There always comes a time when a small business owner decides to get out of the business that they are running. There are many reasons for this. It could be retirement, or just a lack of need for the income, or even something more demanding has come along such as twin babies.

How to Sell a Large Business

When you sell a business, one of the most important things to consider is how big the business actually is. You have to take a very specific approach to your sale when you sell a large business.

Defining Entrepreneur Consulting Options, Part 1

Before you spend the money for entrepreneur consulting, make sure that you really are an entrepreneur. Running a business or starting a business and not having the mindset for it may actually be the biggest issue you face. If you fit the entrepreneur mold, then you may need consulting in any one of three areas; starting and getting a business set up, growing an existing business, or saving an existing business. All of these situations can be dealt with through a consultant or firm, or can be resolved with tools and training. There are benefits and disadvantages to both.

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