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Do You Have the Spirit of an Entrepreneur?

There is a strong belief in our North American society that to be successful you need to be your own boss. The expectation is that you will have complete control over your own time, no one telling you what to do, prestige in the community, lots of money, and so on. Like any widely held belief, there are certain elements of truth to it and also certain misconceptions.

Buying a Catering Truck and Benefits

Buying and owning a catering truck is a great way to make a living. Many shows and events across the country need mobile catering businesses to offer customers the choice of food and drink. With a mobile catering truck, your business is wherever your client needs you whether it is at the park, at an outdoor festival or at the side of the road.Those wanting to invest in the mobile catering business can choose from brand new catering vehicles in the market or look out for a used one which will also serve the purpose.

Women Empowerment And Entrepreneurial Revolution

When women are fully involved, the benefits can be seen immediately; families are healthier and better fed; their income savings and reinvestment go up. And what is true of families is also of communities and, in the long run, of whole countries…..Kofi Anan Women have generally been looked upon with contempt for centuries with various strictures inflicted upon them reducing their status to the mercy of men. They have been confined to hearth and home. But now the perspective of the society has changed and a general thinking to work for the emancipation and empowerment of women is being developed so that they could also contribute in the advancement and welfare of the society.

Ways To Empower Women For Entrepreneurship Development

Introducing legal reforms to ensure equal rights of women to ownership, inheritance and financial control; with a view to reinforcing their special skills and advantages and leveraging them for immediate and long-term macro-economic gains, at both local and national levels. Reprioritizing budgetary outlays and official expenditure models with the specific objective of improving gender equality, through the introduction of special schemes and programmes that effectively encourage women’s involvement in entrepreneurial activities. Enforcing equitable gender participation through the development of focused entrepreneurial activity for women that takes their socio-cultural, legal and economic constraints into account.

The Benefits Of A Credit Card Funding

Lots of business owners find that they are in need of short term financing for important projects connected to their establishment. The difficulty amid banks is that they infrequently progress fast, unless you have already secured a credit line, and acquiring that credit is exceptionally complicated in this financial market.

The One Question You MUST Ask NOW to Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Are you sabotaging your success? More and more I’m being asked “Angela, how did you accomplish success so quickly? Tell me what goes on inside your head to keep you on track.

Schedulitis – How To Get Your Schedule Back On Track

Working from home presents many challenges, staying ahead of those challenges will make or break you in your career aspirations. If you have children or even if you don’t the summer months can produce some additional obstacles to productivity.

The Power of Asking

Open Sesame! These magic words worked well to open magical doors for Ali-Baba and his forty thieves- and quite a few other doors throughout the storybook world. This power is endowed through our words- what we speak and when we speak help us in our everyday lives. These words flow from us and can form questions that we want answered (often NEED answered). What you must understand though is that it is not always what we ask, but what we don’t ask that affects us the most.

7 Hard-Knock Truths To Building A Successful Construction Business

7 Indisputable facts (in my opinion at least) that I’ve learned (mostly the hard way), that must be followed. That you must accept in order to be successful in the construction industry. Or, any business, for that matter.

Top 7 Tips For Starting a New Business

There are clear characteristics that differentiate successful from unsuccessful start-ups. This article presents the following top 7 tips for starting a new business: 1. Start Your Business in a Growth Industry; 2. Establish a Sustainable Competitive Advantage; 3. Select a Powerful Company Name; 4. Create a Working Business Plan; 5. Start with Sufficient Capital; 6. Build a Solid Professional Team; and 7. Test & Measure (Almost) Everything.

7 Great Ways for Students to Make Money

When you’re a student making money is hard, especially when the only jobs available are mostly from giant corporations who work teenagers to the bone, while only paying minimum wage. Because face it, being a student at College or Uni is expensive. Here are some simple yet effective ways to make money as a student.

Achieving Business Success

Business success is a topic that should be taught in school, but isn’t. How do we learn enough to achieve it?

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