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How One Lady Turned Her Life and Fortunes Around

Do you run a business? Self Employed or have an Executive role in a major company? If so, this article is for you. It explains how one lady turned her life and fortunes around and how you might avoid needing to.

Stop Working Hard For Money – It’s Time to Have Money Work Hard For You

You get up every day and get ready for work. Once you get to work you spend the next 8 hours doing the same thing you did the day before and the day before that.

9 To Fiver Fear Vs Entrepreneurial Excitement

Being an entrepreneur compared to being a 9 to Fiver is the difference between being a gator and a fish. Both “make a living”. Both have instincts. Both want security.

It Takes _______ To Make Money

Everybody knows the adage, “It takes money to make money.” But so many people don’t understand they why or the how of it, or what it really entails when it comes to business.

Do You Possess The Pivotal Characteristics of an Entrepreneur?

It has been said that entrepreneurs are born, that they cannot be made. Regardless of whether that is true or not there are certain pivotal characteristics of an entrepreneur that you simply must have in order to take the long journey to success.

How to Boost Your Online Visibility and Create Valuable Repurposed Content

Are you ready to boost your online visibility and reach a larger audience? Repurposing your content will help you do that.

Create a Simple Marketing Plan to Grow Your Revenues

The energy at the start of a new year can be a wonderful time to map out a marketing plan that will inspire and excite you, pulling you forward to achieve your goals and intentions.  And it doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. Although for some of us just the thought of working it all out might seem overwhelming, I’ve learned from my own experience that leaving things to chance, or making it up as I go along, can often be the difference between having a truly successful year or a disappointing one. Here’s how to get started.

Entrepreneurship – The Road Less Traveled

I believe that life is a journey, and just like any journey, it has some bumps in the road along the way. For me, those “bumps” came in the form of three layoffs in two years. I thought, “This is my life. I need to create a way for it to support me and bring me freedom and joy.” So… I started on that journey of entrepreneurship.

4 Steps to Finally Heal Your Relationship With Money

One of the major foundations needed for any woman small business owner to thrive is to have a healthy relationship with money. If you find yourself overdelivering, undercharging, not making enough money (or barely making enough money) to pay your bills, you probably don’t have a healthy relationship with money.

Passive Income – Some Examples

Setting up passive income sources does take time and money. Personally I see it as a system you set up over a number of years and then hopefully it will grow on itself.

Building A Business Is Time Well-Spent

A year ago, I remember someone asking me, “What do you do all day?” The question caught me by surprise. It was not easy to define. Currently, my business is 18 months old and I admit to putting in over 60 hours a week, if not more. So what is an entrepreneur doing when we’re working all of those hours?

How to Start a Business at a Young Age

Learning how to start a business at a young age would best be initiated by an Internet search. There are, indeed, many books on the subject, but things change almost daily in the On Line Home Business World. The best advise for staying abreast of the current trends and cutting edge business ideas is to search online for those businesses which will best suit your wants, needs, interests, and passions.

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