How To Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face & Earn $100K a Month (Get Rich In 2022)


6 Tips to Boost Your Visibility

When I first started out in business I soon realised that I had an issue with being seen and known! For years I had hidden behind my corporate persona and it took me a while to gain the confidence to step into something new. I realised that I feared being judged or criticised as, for the first time, I was representing myself and not a well know organisation – would it work out?

12 Things to Know to Be in Your World of Financial Stability

Being in financial stability is the dream of all men and the government of every nation on planet earth. God wishes that you become financially stable. You have all it takes to be in the money and enjoy the good life.

To Be An Entrepreneur You Have To Be All In

There are a lot of ways to make money, but there is only one way to become an entrepreneur. You have to want it so bad, that it’s the only thing you can think about doing. You have to be willing to risk everything and never give up no matter how frustrating and upsetting a day might be. You also have to know and understand your market, your competition and your business or you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Are Entrepreneurs Lucky?

Recently, at a dinner party, we were discussing the TV show The Apprentice and eventually the subject of the conversation turned to entrepreneurship more generally. A couple of observations were expressed that everybody seemed to agree with: entrepreneurs are driven by the subject of money to the extent of it becoming something of their god; and entrepreneurs often succeed through luck, rather than ability.

How to Have a Thriving Gardening Business

Gardening in general is one of the most wonderful occupation in any size form and shape. Be it on a small or large scale, as a hobby, as a source of fresh fruits and vegetables, or for that matter, as a business. Anyway you look at it, if you are serious about gardening you can turn this most beautiful activity in a nice thriving gardening business, and create a good source of income.

Key Traits Of An Entrepreneur

The traits of an entrepreneur are many, but they can be boiled down to a few key things. You have to be willing to do what it takes to be successful, you have to focus on the prize and not the challenges to get there. You also have to be an ongoing student of the business world and the specific industry you are in. Anything less then that will increase your chances of failure.

Penny Chenery Is Secretariats Entrepreneur

If you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur, you need to take the Penny Chenery test. If you aren’t willing to risk everything to win, then you probably need to stay away from the world of entrepreneurship and focus on getting a job. High risk and ongoing challenges will be part of any entrepreneur’s life. This is a good gut test to make sure you are ready for it.

What is Value-Based Strategy?

What does “strategy” in business mean to you? Whatever definition you provide is bound to be at odds with almost anyone else you ask because there’s no agreement about who makes it, how to make it, or even if it works.

So, Have You Got A Plan?

Having a business plan is the most important step when starting a new venture. It is a guide and a way to keep it together when things get tough.

Starting a Taxi Business in Uganda? There Is More Than Meets the Eye

Investing in a taxi business in Uganda is “prima facie” fairly simple. The driver is a contractor who hires your car and pays you a fixed daily rate. In return they incur fuel costs,wages, levies and other fees. If that is the case, Why might it not be viable to invest in this sector? This article tells you.

Ten Ways to Strengthen Your Business Plan

The most important reason to write a business plan is create a roadmap for the entrepreneur or business owner. A plan can also be a valuable tool for communicating your business idea to others, for example, to secure financing or attract investors. Whatever your reasons, any business plan will be stronger by following these 10 basic guidelines.

How to Develop an Abundance Mindset

Are you familiar with the term, “scarce resources”? If you’ve ever taken a course in economics, then you’ve probably studied it. It’s the idea that there’s a greater demand for naturally occurring resources, such as oil, than there are sources of supply.

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