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Start Your Own Business With Fifty Dollars

Starting your own business during this terrible economic time could be your ticket out of the hole. People are struggling to find corporate jobs because people just aren’t hiring. That is why you need to take matters into your own hands and start you own business. Even with $50 you can work your way up to a nice sustaining privately owned company. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to create a job that has immediate sales turnover. A great way to obtain great assets for under market value is to win items at a government surplus equipment auction. These auctions have thousands of different items that can be resold through plenty of markets.

7 Steps To Social Marketing Success For Your Small Business

Most small businesses fail because they don’t have a clear strategy for marketing their business. They know a lot about their service or product and spend a ton of time “working” the business, but they never really market the business with a well thought out plan. This happens for two main reasons.

6 Steps to Getting Focused

Why getting focused is so important in order to see results. Practical tips for getting focused.

The Perks and Pitfalls of Running Your Own Business

Owning and running your own business in regardless of its size is by no means an easy task. Owning a business comes with its own risks and rewards. A few of each are listed below

Transition Means Change: Are You Transfixed in Fear?

Do you secretly hate your work? Are you in a job where you are unfulfilled, burned out, stressed out or even worse? Are you working your precious time and life away wondering: Is this all there is? There are answers to your dilemma that can change your life.

Carve Out Your Niche: Tennis and Life

Yesterday I was playing tennis with my son. I was showing him how to hit a topspin shot, or volley, with his racquet. To hit a topspin shot, you just brush the ball with your racquet when you swing, putting spin on the ball.

How to Raise Money for Your Business

Raising money for your new business venture can be challenging. Avoid costly mistakes and prepare in advance. Angel Investors and Venture Capital firms look at a lot of deals and you will want to value their time while enhancing your success by preparing key documents in advance and with careful consideration. Learn how to craft a “One Line Pitch” for your company, craft an “attention getting” Business Summary as well as preparing a Power-Point Presentation that communicates your message in a way it will be heard.

Virtual Assistants: The Rate Debate – Prices on Your Website or Not?

Where do you stand when it comes to including prices on your website? This decision can make-or-break a client’s interest and how they perceive your business. If you step into the mindset of your client, it will help you to find the answer.

Entrepreneurs: Why Delegating Isn’t Working For You

As small business owners we are constantly told that we need to be delegating and outsourcing in order to maximize our time, results, income and business growth. So why does it often seem so hard to successfully delegate tasks in your business and to find competent help that can really get things done to your standard?

Selling Jewelry – Arts and Crafts Shows

These three questions are major when you are selecting arts and crafts shows to display your handmade jewelry designs and to start selling jewelry. Are you ready to display your jewelry design line? Are your designs ready to be viewed by the public? Have you researched and targeted the type of buyers who would be interested in your line of jewelry?

Business Owners Need A Plan: Here’s Mine (Happy to Share)

Most business owners have a passion, a good idea, or a skill and they get inspired to monetize. That’s always the seed of a great start-up. You also need a solid plan and it needs to be based in 10% information and 90% implementation. Here is my 5-step plan to make money.

Balance – Put It on Your Schedule

I help clients learn how to take time off. I would guess you are just like them; you want a thriving business, but you also want a life. But you don’t know HOW to have both!

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