Mistakes to Miss Out On

We all make mistakes, after all that is why there is an eraser on the other end of a pencil. But you don’t have to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Perhaps you have had a friend tell you to watch out for that annoying pothole in the street. You don’t have to hit it with your car to know that it is there. In business there are potholes that everyone should avoid. Always keep your eyes and ears open and miss out on these mistakes.

The Importance of “Focus” for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Cannot Be Overstated

Every Venture Capitalist, Investment Banker, Angel Investor, Marketing Consultant, potential partner or Merchant Banker that I have ever worked with considers lack of focus to be a mortal sin for a project. Entrepreneurs, especially those seeking to use other people’s money, must be able to focus like a laser on the one item, product or service that affords the individual, and their partners the best opportunity for success.

4 Low-Cost Business Opportunities For Budding Mompreneurs

Want to start a business without investing more than $300 in cash? Starting a business is one of the best ways for moms to earn extra income.

Why Being Creative Is Really Important To Your Business

Creativity is what will propel your business from merely being average to being superb. Few businesses succeed by just being “me toos.” Instead, creativity in your marketing, your product and a number of other things all add up to giving you a powerful edge in business.

Mystery Shopper and Fake Checks

It seems like there are always new strategies being created to rip people off online. Here is a new way that takes two classics to create a whole new one.

America Jobs Program: Take a Pass On It Now

The Payroll Tax cut is NOT what small businesses need to gain confidence and add jobs. What we really need is to solve the Small Business Credit Crunch.

Innovation When You’re a One Man Operation

When you work alone, it can be difficult to find people to bounce new ideas off of. Use these tips to stay successful and innovative, even when you work alone.

Best Approaches of Starting a Business With Ease

Starting your own business can be an exhilarating escapade, one that will challenge the full entrepreneur in you. While this is the case, you need to be very keen in what you do so that you can be successful later on in the future.

7 Steps to 6 Figure Business Success and A Life

What does “6 figure business success” really mean? When we say “6 figures” we’re talking about making over $100,000 a year. Today, I help clients not only get to $100,000, but also to $1,000,000, which is seven figures.

10 Money Making Ideas for Teenagers

Sometimes an allowance just won’t do it. Here are 10 money making opportunities for teenagers. We’ve included time tested methods as well as new ways for today’s teens to earn money after school.

Why Is What You Do Important?

We all want to feel useful. We all want to feel that what we do has meaning.

The Best Way to Make Money in College

If you’re in college, I know you could use some extra spending money. Wouldn’t you like to have a job where you work for yourself, have completely flexible hours, and do something you love? Well, try starting your own business! Starting your own business may sound like a lot of work, but trust me, it’s easier than you think. Follow these three simple steps and you will easily make money in college.

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