How to Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Making Videos Yourself (Auto Produced Videos)


Business and Passion Leads to Success!

Being a successful entrepreneur takes three things: Education, business smarts, and passion. You must love what you do and be willing to put in the time and effort. Brilliant ideas and aggressive action towards manifestation can take you very far!

Three Tips To A Better Business Plan

Imagine, you have just dropped off your business plan with investors. You have worked many long hours to complete it. Did you do everything you could to make sure that plan was going to get approved? Did you cover the things that investors care about? Will they understand your feeling about your business and industry? And will they sense your passion for what you want to do, without you being in the room. If you can’t answer yes to these questions, don’t give them the plan, it’s not ready yet.

Entrepreneurs Should Use Mentors

Imagine having access to someone who has gone through what you are going through. Can provide you insight that will help you avoid pitfalls and allow your business to move forward. As an entrepreneur, one of the things you should do is look for a mentor who can help you side step many of the challenges that are in front of you in your new venture.

Why Entrepreneurs Need To Use CRM In 2011

Discover the key reasons why entrepreneurs need CRM in 2011. Without CRM data, business leaders will lose their competitive edge as well as insight into their customers and prospects. If you are still asking yourself, what is CRM, then you will find yourself in a constant of catch up and behind your competitors. To know your customers is to know your business and CRM helps you do that.

What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur

To learn how to become an entrepreneur, you need to start out with the basics. While there will be plenty of distractions and challenges to take your eye of the ball. When you start if you keep your key issues in focus and develop the right plan to execute those areas that are the most important to your success, your chances of having a thriving business will be dramatically improved.

How To Write A Business Plan!

Now that you’ve decided you want to start a business you’ll have to write a comprehensive business plan. All businesses should have one and they are vital if you want the business to run smoothly. In fact, it will be practically impossible for you to get funding, should you need it, without one.

Are You in Business or Just Complaining About Business?

As I reflect on some incidents of the recent week, which I’m not going to elaborate here, I am questioning if many people who say they are in the real estate business are actually in the business of selling homes or just the business of complaining. Stick with me, I think you’ll see that I have a valid point and one perhaps that you agree with.

4 Tips: Choosing Your First Business As an Entrepreneur

There is a big misconception regarding first time entrepreneurship and that is the justification that it is okay to fail your first time simply because some well-known entrepreneurs failed and then hit it big.   What is not mentioned is the number of individuals who failed their first time as an entrepreneur and never got a second shot. Therefore, you might as well make it profitable the first time around.

Just Who Is Steve Jobs?

Since his death on October 5, 2011, the media has been just who is Steve Jobs? The accolades and praise for this man came from everyone from President Obama, to competitor Bill Gates and other people from the world of government, technology and business. To hear these people talk this man was nothing short of a super hero technological giant.

5 Factors of Production

The five factors of production are land, labour, capital, entrepreneurship, and knowledge. While knowledge is as old as humankind, it is only recently that it has been recognized as a factor of production. Capitalism or any other economic system depends on these business resources for effective and efficient operations.

Angel Investors and Franchises

This article focuses specifically on using angel investors in order to start a franchise. The nature of business control is also discussed as it relates to franchising.

Angel Investors for Construction Deals

This article focuses on using angel investors in order to finance construction deals. There is an additional focus on using loans in conjunction with real estate finance.

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