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Business Maturity

Mature businesses show their maturity through consistency. In other words they are reliable. It’s odd to receive calls from suppliers on behalf of well known organizations that cannot keep an appointment. What does this say about your company? It’s not appealing. People’s time is valuable.

Entrepreneurs Are the Life Blood of Our Economy

The world economy is facing an uncertainty that is affecting everyone through job cuts, business closing and many financial issues that are resulting deprivation. It has becoming quite clear that more people have got to step up to the plate and become entrepreneurs, to create new jobs and wealth for our society. History shows that fully 80% of millionaire’s achieved their wealth from starting and building a successful business. The entrepreneur is the person who has the special ability to turn an opportunity into a profit by assembling resources-finance- labour-technology-facilities-machinery and information. The competitive market can differentiate between the entrepreneurs who will succeed to the ones who will fail.

How Can Women Entrepreneurs Make a Profit and Be Successful in This Economy?

The difference between successful women entrepreneurs who are thriving in this economy and the ones who “fizzle out” are the ones who simply notice that small negative voice and push beyond. Successful women do not listen to the negativity and and do not believe it is true.

How To Be Positive

Do you have a positive attitude? As you were growing up, didn’t your mother always tell you to look on the bright side of things? When you were down, she’d make you your favorite snack and tell you to cheer up and smile. It makes a difference in your life. From the small things to life changers, having a positive outlook on life can make or break your ability to succeed.

Home Business Owners – Get Organized In the New Year

The New Year is a time when WAHM business consultants can revamp their office and add some new organizational techniques to their direct sales business systems. The classic New Year’s resolution is a perfect excuse to add some new systems to your home party office management repertoire.

Entrepreneur Consulting Options, Part 6

Imagine having an automated system that can keep you in front of your prospects each and every day. With the use of an auto responder and providing a compelling offer, you can bring your prospects into your database and put them in a position to buy from you when the time is right.

Ways to Work From Home: 3 Things to Consider That Will Guarantee Small Business Success

Looking to be your own boss, write your own paycheck, and experience financial freedom for yourself and your family? This article explores a variety of ways to work from – and the stuff you need to succeed.

3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know About the Role the Heart Plays in Small Business Success

If you’re an entrepreneur, or are thinking about becoming one, you may already be aware of the challenges that many self-employed people face as they work to build something from nothing. But success can be effortless when you get out of the way. Here are three things every entrepreneur needs to know about the secret to business success and the transformative power of operating a business from the heart.

Starting a Dog Walking Business Can Be a Great Idea – For All Kinds of Reasons

Here you are pounding up a storm on the treadmill for free. Not only are you not making anything for all that work, you’re actually paying the gym people a lot of money for the privilege. Did you ever think about how if someone could pay you for all the hard work you put into exercising, that you would be a lot more enthusiastic about not missing a day at the gym?

Start a Dog Walking Business – The Cheapest Profit-Making Business Ever to Be In

There’s a scene in the hit sitcom King of Queens where the dog walker Holly asks a newly unemployed Carrie if she would like to take on a few dogs that she doesn’t have time for. Carrie’s first instinct is to scoff at the idea because she’s a proud legal secretary. Why would she want to walk dogs, she retorts.

A Dog Bakery As a Great Business Plan

There’s a reason why the pet care area attracts as much investment from businesses as it does. People everywhere are beginning to treat their pets like a child of the family. They pamper them no end.

Entrepreneur Consulting Options, Part 5

Up until now, you have been doing research, defining your marketplace, developing plans and putting the resources in place to allow your business interest to function. Now it’s time to begin to let that marketplace know you open for business. If no one is aware you’re out there, then as a company you don’t truly exist.

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