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Are You a 21st Century Business Consultant?

The 21st century consultant understands that there are two reasons why people seek the services of a consultant: to provide answers to questions and to provide results. The 21st century consultant who makes 7 figures per annum: produces results, provides answers, provides clear action steps for implementing their solutions and takes responsibility for their clients results.

How to Craft a USP

There are two ways to articulate your point of differentiation: what is your core competence or what are you better than, than the rest of your competition? Who else is saying the same?

Defining Value in Business Relationships

But as the emotions wore off, I began replaying the entire episode in my head through my marketing lenses, it hit home that this in fact is value. We received cards and little gifts from the nursery for occasions such as Christmas, Father’s or Mother’s Day; even though those were well appreciated, they did not make the hair rise on my body.

How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

As we all know every company must have a plan understanding that it will be tested. But do not be afraid to earnestly contend until you complete what you started. This is one of the characteristics of a true entrepreneur. No matter what the circumstances THEIR WILL IS TO FINISH.

Corporate Entrepreneurship for Any Level of Employee

While many feel there is an embarrassment issue with having a “cubicle job,” there is nothing wrong with working in corporate. Moreover, working in a corporate environment does not mean that one cannot be an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, corporations have the most money for new ventures and, to the right people are much more willing to lend than banks.

The 10 Commandments of Achieving Success in Network Marketing

In today’s economy, people are desperate for opportunities. The Internet has become saturated with schemes, scams, cons, and masters of deception.

How to Calculate Your Marketing ROI – Scientific Marketing

In any business, the only profit centred activity is marketing; any other activity is cost centred. There are two marketing activities: acquiring customers and retaining them. Therefore any activity, whether operational or administrative, as long as they are not focused on marketing, are profit draining. If the core activity of your business is marketing it makes sense that you understand how to measure your marketing results.

Entrepreneur Consulting Options, Part 7

Discover how to develop your own traffic and build a successful following that will buy anything you have to offer. Also, learn the best ways to create a product that will be in high demand. This entrepreneur consulting series will give you the tools you need to really take off.

Mistakes That Can Kill Your Business, Part One

Part one has five items that I feel can kill your business, especially a newly formed business. No-one can do it all, wrong category selection, danger of dreaming, who do you trust, and if it’s money, get it in writing. Part six through ten will be in the next article.

Business Resolutions For 2012

This is a great time to set new goals and resolutions for your business. Unlike our personal resolutions that may involve dropping a few pounds or organizing the garage, following through (or failing to follow through) with business resolutions can have a major impact on your organization. Please consider one of the following resolutions and how it might work for you.

Richard Branson and Career ADD

Richard Branson was able to leverage his ADD to create an empire. Learn how you can honor your gifts with ADD/ADHD to create a life you love.

Defeat and Joy

Without entrepreneurs, nothing would happen, progress would stall and no one would have a job. Without entrepreneurs, we would not find solutions for problems, diseases or a better tasting pie.

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