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Capital for a Home Based Business

This article focuses on the different types of capital that can be used for a home based business. The article also discusses using money from friends and family as it relates to starting this type of venture.

Lessons From The Lemonade Stand

Learning to create a self generating income is one of the most important lessons we can teach our kids. As the financial crisis of the early 21st Century has taught us, even college graduates can’t count on ’employment’ in times of financial recessions and depressions.

Business Planning for a Home Based Business

This article focuses on developing a business plan specific for a home based business. The article also discusses obtaining credit to launch this type of business venture.

So, You Want to Become a Young Entrepreneur?

Those who want to become a young entrepreneur have an abundance of choices in today’s world. Even the older generations agree that the youth are the ones with the energy, the innovation, the imagination, and the gumption to get things done, to make things happen, and to Rock The World.

Tips On How To Create A Business You Love, And Make Money With It

Is your dream this year to own a business of your own? A business you can create out of the little things that bring you joy. Something you could devote all your passion, love and attention to, so you can make money out of it. Then, look no further because we have tips that will help you realize your dream within a short period of time.

3 Things to Know About Working From Home

This article focuses on specific issues that come up if an individual works from home. There is a further discussion regarding how to properly operate a business in a home based setting.

Determining Whether or Not to Start a Home Based Business

This article focuses on whether or not an individual should start a home based business. There are additional discussions relating to the costs associated with starting this type of business venture.

The Issues of Starting a Home Based Business

This article focuses on the difficulties of starting a home based business. Additionally, there is a focus on issues that relate to starting a stand alone office in order to better manage the business owner’s time.

5 Tips For Promoting Innovative Thinking

Innovation in business is a survival trait in today’s world. Our world is changing on a scale that has never been seen before. And businesses have to keep up or they will be swept aside. Whether it’s new communications media, new markets or new technology, your business is under attack from constant change. Innovation is critical. And promoting innovative thinking is a critical success factor. In this article you’ll discover 5 tips for promoting innovative thinking in your business.

Show Me the Money: Seven Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

Have a great business idea? Want to quit the desk job? Looking for extra income? Want to be your own boss? Whatever your motivation, before you get started, it’s important to understand seven key secrets of successful entrepreneurs. And remember: “Success consists of simply getting up one more time than you fall” (Sign in Locker Room: Jerry Maguire).

The Little Difference Between You, Jeremy Lin and the Best Way to Make Money

This article will either drive you to take active, or you’ll continue to sit your butt on the sidelines of life and sheepishly root for the other champions that dare to win. First let’s…

7 Explosive Strategies to Make Your Business Boom in 2012

If you’re looking for ideas to help you grow your business to new levels in 2012 here are 7 strategies that can help you take your business to the next level. Execute a few of them and grow, execute all of them and make your business boom.

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