How To Make Money On YouTube & Earn $1,000 a Day With No Camera and Not Showing Your Face


Angel Investors and Financial Statements

This article focuses on how to provide financial statements for angel investors. There is an additional discussion regarding what other documentation is needed when working with a private investor.

Is Your Motor Running on Idle?

I have just played hooky from my regular routine and didn’t understand my unwillingness to do most of the things I could/should be doing. Then I realized I was running my motor on idle and that was actually a good thing.

Angel Investors and Small Business Capital

This article focuses on angel investors and investments into small businesses. Issues pertaining to how a business are also discussed in this article.

Angel Investors and Funding for a Small Business

When you are deciding to use Angel Investors to fund your small business then you need to be aware of many issues. Foremost, you are going to be need aware of the many legal issues that come with working with a private funding source…

5 Common Traits Of Successful Business Owners

Information on the common traits that all successful business owners have. If these are implemented then an entrepreneur will be successful.

Capital Funding for a Small Business

This article focuses on capital funding for a small business. There is also a discussion relating to the types of funding you can receive in order to expand your business.

Starting A Business In The 21st Century

Discover why now is a great time to be starting a business. The costs to get in have never been lower, and the available information about markets and competition has never been easier to get. Also, a business can be up and running in a matter of hours, where as in the past it could take months.

The Power of Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Isn’t it nice to live in your comfort zone: feel confident in what you do, never have any surprises, and always know what to expect? Yes it feels good, however I would attest that if you want to reach the levels of success you desire in your business the answer is no. By staying in our comfort zone we continue to do what we’ve always done and don’t push ourselves to our maximum capacity for excellence! Thinking outside of the box and being flexible are wonderful attributes any business owner can use so they can step outside of their comfort zone to reach for the success they so desire.

Avoid This Fatal Flaw When Connecting With Your Potential Clients

There are so many ways for you to reach potential clients…your website, your blog, your marketing materials, your Facebook posts, your networking, public speaking, your fliers and handouts, etc. Some are more effective than others, but whether it’s online or offline, you have many opportunities to touch and connect with your ideal client (who desperately NEEDS your help and is so ready to get AND pay for that help from the right person).

Entrepreneurial Spirit Helps Cardinals Win The World Series

Entrepreneurs can learn a great deal from the Saint Louis Cardinals and their world series win. What they taught us, is that having a no-lose attitude and never giving up are two keys to business success. Also, they use metrics and good mentors and coaches help them succeed.

Invest in Yourself And You Will Have a Sizzling Future!

If you are going to start a business, ministry, or promote your artwork, you need a logo. And even more than that, whether you realize it or not, you need branding.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Start A Business Today

Entrepreneurship entails strength to conquer the odds and courage to carry on until success is achieved. It involves an ‘extraordinary’ element of starting something new; particularly one that could significantly impact one’s life.

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