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An Ode To Entrepreneurs

Fellow Business-Builder, This week’s article is designed to inspire and help entrepreneurs who feel a little lost right now. I hear from them daily.

The Link Between Successful Entrepreneurs and Passion

It is no coincidence that most successful entrepreneurs on the internet have a passion for what they do! Read further to see how being passionate about your work serves as a HUGE asset when developing a business on the internet!

Building a Pyrotechnic Business – Paraffin Marketing

There’s a need to align the strategic direction of your business with a tactical responsiveness to what is actually happening on a day to day basis. This is what ‘Pariffin Marketing’ is about – cheap accelerants for your business.

Developing a Business Model

This article focuses on the nature of creating an economically viable business model. The article also discusses the need for business planning.

Retirement – Your Golden Years: Part 2

Growth is essential for any business. Build on your strengths, knowledge, and skills. There are several possibilities that can help depending on the business you are in. Let’s take a look at seven of them.

Retirement – Your Golden Years: Part 1

Start and Grow a Business Then Thrive: A Three-Part Series – Entrepreneurship is not limited to age. It is open to anyone who has the desire and passion to become self-employed. In today’s economy, this definitely speaks to individuals who are called “seniors.” More attention is being given to this group due to the increase in the many start up businesses by those who are age 55 and over.

Retirement – Your Golden Years: Part 3

The preparation that you performed in your basic start up and business growth certainly determines how well your business will thrive. Though the economy is currently uncertain, you have the ability to turn things around in any given situation.

Weed Out Low Paying Clients

As a VA, one of your most valuable assets is your passion for helping people, and one of the great sources of job satisfaction is seeing your clients happy and their businesses growing. Yes, most VAs are ‘helpful’ in nature and we want to do what we can for people. But are you doing too much, for too little? If you are holding on to low paying clients, you are hindering your own business growth. Time to tend your garden, and do some weeding!

Who’s Really In Charge Of Your Business?

You are an entrepreneur and a business owner and you call the shots. You are in charge of your own success and you like it that way. You set your own hours, take vacation when you want to, make the rules for your business and choose who you will work with and how. You are completely in charge of your business. Or are you?

The Downtown Long Beach Business Scene

Downtown Long Beach has a vibrant business scene and has a friendly environment for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to move to Long Beach. Some of the top employers in Long Beach include California State University in Long Beach, Boeing, United States Postal Service and Verizon.

Entrepreneurship Is All About Survival of The ‘Fittest’!

You have probably heard the term ‘Survival of the Fittest’ right? If not then it is most known to come from social Darwinism and means something like ‘The fittest will Prevail’. This term is used throughout life and I recently heard it in the movie ‘In Time’ The movie referred to this principle in a way which changed my thinking towards money/smart people and the not so bright people. So how can you survive in this society? Well I have gathered a few elements which will help each individual.

Start in Business – Are You Afraid of Your Competitors?

Any strategic business manual teaches us as an important rule to permanently research and monitor our competitors in the marketplace. We have to keep an eye on all the movements our competitors are making and counter-attack their attempts in gaining more market share. Most entrepreneurs consider their competitors as being their fierce enemies.

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