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Better Start Moving Now to Be Successful

Think about it – you have already been living in a terrible recession with no end in sight. With a lot of work and planning you have tried to position yourself into a place to survive to the end of it, and maybe gain a little back. Don’t you think now just might be a pretty good time to move out of the survival mode? I have some tips that may help.

Social Business: How to Clarify Your Idea – From Vague to Focused and Actionable

Ever feel overwhelmed by a business idea and don’t know where to begin. In this article I will walk you through a few concepts to help you take your new business or social business ideas from vague to actionable. This is an action post.

Key Challenges to Confront When Starting a Online Business

When creating a business there are many challenges that arise and must be confronted to work through them. You may be able to achieve a level of living a successful entrepreneurial lifestyle that is encompassed in the dream of being your own boss.

Why MySpace Flopped! How To Make The Most Out Of Your Current Business Position

In the ever changing business environment today, growth is required in order for a business to be successful, common sense right? What I’m about to talk about is well documented and considered ‘old hat’ but still damn relevant today…

How To Think Like An Entrepreneur – 3 Things You Must Do!

It is one thing to be a sole trader or a small business owner, but it is completely different to be a small business owner who is an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who acts and thinks in a way different from at least 90% of other businesses and companies in your market.

Toxic Companies: Is Your Business a “Blessing” or a “Curse”?

Things are changing in business today. With the multitude of choices that are offered to customers these days, they are free to make quick decisions about changing brands, dealers, and retailers. A number of factors will influence anyone’s decision to work for, partner with, or shop at your company.

Big Companies Start With Small Ideas

When Baby Boomers were babies, computers were so big that they needed entire rooms – big, air conditioned rooms – in order to operate. If you wanted to listen to music while you were out and about, you took along a little transistor radio, and hoped that the reception was good enough to allow you to listen to your favorite station. And then somewhere along the way a couple of very creative Baby Boomers came along with a small, simple idea…

Turning Green Businesses Into Real Businesses

Everyone knows that green is the way to go in business ventures these days. The problem is that many of these green business startups are struggling. Given the headline making government tax credits and subsidies for these products, how can they continue to struggle and fail?

What Is Really Keeping You Up At Night?

So you went to school. You completed your course work, passed the tests, wrote a final exam and you couldn’t wait to get your hands on your first paying client. Gleeful and inspired you got your business cards and were ready to get to work. The first client may have been a family member.

The Common Basis of Successful Entrepreneurship

What does integrity mean to you? What comes to mind when you hear this word? To have integrity means to be honest, of course.

What American Idol Taught Me About My Business Mindset

We were in Hollywood Studios for the day, and I heard there was an American Idol Experience attraction. So obviously, I thought that my husband – who is a true music lover, but can’t hold a tune to save his life – should audition. Wouldn’t it be fun, I thought, to sit in the audience with my little princess, and cheer for him?

Want Success? Fail More

The idea that we need to fail more to succeed is hard to get our heads around at first, but it is important that we are not scared of failure. Failure is a fact of life therefore we need to embrace the lessons that failure teaches us, so we can put the plans in place to move forward towards our dreams and goals. Have the mindset that you will make failure your friend as this will keep you positive in the face of adversity.

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