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Succeed In Business By Stepping Into Your Power

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you can if you’re willing to step up to your power. There are people who have every adversity in the world against them and they don’t let it stop them. They turn their lives into amazing successes. What’s their secret?

Converting an Idea to Income Is a Process That Requires Planting and Fertilization

Under the category of inexperienced blind hope, a surprising number of people that approach my Consumer Product Development group with a new business idea want us to find someone who will buy the concept in its undeveloped form. This always amazes, even after so many years of hearing these vapid elevator pitches. A person has an idea, they have performed little or no due diligence, and they believe it has commercial value. Daffy!

Evolve or Die – Teaching the World a New Way to Think

In a tiny village hidden from the advances of civilisation a community exists untouched by modern life. Fire is lit by striking rocks and food is picked from fertile forests. One could say, this community has never evolved. Is it good? Some think they should be left in their ignorance, a sort of bliss. But with child mortality over 50%, and life expectancy of 42, the idealisation of the un-evolved business, individual or community is it’s inevitable destruction. When Evolve doesn’t happen, change comes, and change means a lot of turbulence in a very short time: not fun. Evolve means immunity from change.

Here Is Why You Should Trademark Your New Venture

Starting a business is not an easy task. There are always many holes that need to be covered, especially the ones related to the Intellectual Property laws.

5 Key Points To Have Before Starting A Business

Do you have a business idea? Think it’s never going to work out? Think again. Starting a business can be tricky, but with the right information and resources, it doesn’t have to be.

Must I Be a Millionaire to Be an Entrepreneur?

Most people often mistakenly misunderstood the meaning of being an entrepreneur. Go ask around people near you and you will find that people often tie the word entrepreneur and millionaire together. “If i am an entrepreneur, then i must be a millionaire” Some might even tell you he’s an entrepreneur because of the big names and titles associated with it. But does it really mean that? Let me tell this. An entrepreneur is more than just being a millionaire..

Three Action Points to Consider Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

For want of a better question, what is important to know before buying a ceiling fan? After all it’s just a gizmo that stirs the air or is it more? Before beginning to look for a ceiling fan there are three points about which you need to know in order to make the best decision…

Using Drop Shipping As a Business Opportunity!

Drop shipping is the business opportunity available in the e commerce space and is gaining great momentum as well. This form of retail sales reduces the risk of losses to a very great extent and can be started with a limited budget. A new trend in drop shipping is private label drop shipping in which the manufacturer produces a custom item for the retailer and ships it.

Entrepreneurship – An Answer To Being Downsized

The Boomer generation is experiencing a lack of security in their current jobs. Downsizing happens in all industries. Whether you have had many jobs over the decades, or are with your original employer, you face the strong possibility of losing your job before you’re ready to retire.

What Is Tentmaking?

This article provides an overview of Tentmaking, which is a missions strategy to spread the Gospel to unreached people. Tentmaking refers to Paul’s life and ministry as recorded in Thessalonians and is now used to describe starting businesses cross-culturally in order to witness to others.

The Indian Industry During Christmas

India is not just about Hindu festivals. Research and consumer surveys have shown that festivals and holiday seasons revolving around Christmas are likely to influence the commercial trends of the country.

Sweepstakes Cafe – Grand Opening!

How much money is needed? Starting BIG is better, but requires more cash. A good place to start is a budget of $500-$700 a week for advertising and marketing.

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