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How Showing Up Makes a Difference

When my mother died abruptly of cancer when I was only 19, I learned that life is not a dress rehearsal. It really matters that you live your life to the fullest. It matters that you “show up.”

An Integrated Barter Network at Work

A business to business barter network can be an awesome marketing tool if it is applied correctly. This article will give practical examples of the simplicity and beauty of bartering with your fellow business man or woman. The goal is always capital preservation by decreasing costs and raising over-all revenue.

Everything We Know About Entrepreneurship We Learned in Kindergarten

We all possess the building blocks of entrepreneurship inside of us. Do you know what they are? Today small businesses represent 99.7% of all U.S. employers. So how did we get here? After all, everything begins somewhere. When we were small, it was kindergarten. Now it’s entrepreneurship. But did we really learn to become entrepreneurs way back in kindergarten? Yes, and here’s why…

Virtual Assistant Wanted

Managing your daily grind can easily make you feel overwhelmed and overworked at times. But an investment in a virtual assistant just might help you to solve that problem. A small but growing phenomenon, virtual assistants are a great way to minimize overheads and get some much needed help. They are contractors that either work for agencies or themselves and they are only paid for hours that they actually work. There are no strings attached, no employee benefits to dish out and no need to buy a computer or lease an extra office space.

Before Starting Your Business Prepare An Exit Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a business is they never think about how they are going to exit the business when the time is right. If the strategy for getting out of the business is not implemented in advance, it could potentially limit the entrepreneur’s ability to ever fully sell his or her business or could mean major tax implications after the fact.

Entrepreneurs Factor in Failure and Success

Successful entrepreneurs know that everything they touch will not be “gold.” Failure is a part of a learning curve. Building a successful business involves learning from your actions, building off of failure, learning and acting again. Every step you take is repetitious.

Is Your Past Holding You Back?

If you’d like to benefit from the advice of an entrepreneur who has started several successful ventures, then you’ll want to hear what Bill has to say. Why let your past hold you back any longer?

Why Most Entreprenewbies Fail

In the offline business world over 95% of new businesses fail to last 10 years – in the online world the numbers are probably equally dismal. In most cases the cause of these failures is based more on the mindset of the would-be business owners (‘entreprenewbies’) than on all other causes combined.

Can “Quiet Entrepreneurs” Succeed?

Do you have a quiet personality, and sometimes wonder if you have what it takes to succeed in your business? I’ve always had a quiet personality, and when I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug a few years ago, I really did wonder if my personality would “work” for me in business. Perhaps you’re like me, and you have similar thoughts.

Why Failing Should Make You Happy

Most of us have learned to loath failing. But many have learned to love it. Guess who is happier? Here is why and how to love failing.

Problem Solving Is Key to Realizing Success In the Hyper-Active Consumer Product Marketplace

There are numerous variables that are involved in the ultimate success or failure of any consumer product or service. Design, packaging, branding, a customized business plan and marketing strategy, research, cost of mass production, and many other elements enter the equation that decides the success or death of a product. However, the one factor that will offer the greatest potential for a successful outcome is the ability of your project to provide a solution to a readily recognizable problem. Does your item solve a problem?

Entrepreneurs Should Realize There Are Absolutes in Life Other Than Death and Taxes

The great Founding Father, Diplomat, Scientist, Inventor and Writer Ben Franklin once so presciently said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain beside death and taxes”. This most famous bromide has been restated endlessly in every possible venue since the great man first uttered the phrase. It is an absolute of the human condition that is so obvious as to seem almost trite.

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