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Why Some of the Best Entrepreneurs Are So Bad At Recruiting Employees

An entrepreneur can be only so entrepreneurial without a competitive, intelligent and dedicated team behind him or her. Though, where the entrepreneur will succeed in 50 other places, he or she will often fall short when it comes to recruiting the employees that are going to take his or her company to the next level. As both an entrepreneur and CEO of an executive search firm, I understand how both hiring managers and potential employees analyze an open job…

Best Business Ideas – How to Build a Sound and Lasting Business

A lot of businesses emerge every single moment and the biggest part of them dies before even being born in fact. Another part disappears in the first one-two years and only a few resist in time and grows. No doubt each one of them has at origin an idea that fueled the enthusiasm of its entrepreneur.

Learning in Business – How to Become a Conscious Internet Marketing Products Buyer

‘The more you learn, the less you know.’ This famous saying is probably more relevant than in any other area in business, and especially in internet marketing. I know people buying product after product, thoroughly learning every one of them just to discover that they need another one to be finally able to take action and start their business.

How to Generate Loyal Followers (It Starts With a Smile)

Is your social media glass half empty or half full? If you are looking to attract loyal followers and fans in social media, you may want to consider showing off your positive, optimistic, Pollyanna attitude. Being upbeat and cheerful really draws a crowd. Let’s face it – we get enough negativity in our lives, don’t we? Between the negative outlooks on the economy or the latest depressing news stories, we’re bombarded with negativity. Why would anyone want to follow someone who gives them more of it online? Positive posts invigorate all who read them. People who are energized by your happy attitude are attracted to you, and want to hear more. A buoyant approach to social media is the best way to generate a community of active and loyal followers, and build lasting relationships.

Investing – Tips For Your Future

The best investments to make with a little bit of money will always depend on your lifestyle. Factors to consider include the stability of your expenses and income so that you can figure out what amount of money you have to invest, your age, how likely you are to need the invested money in the near future which will determine how liquid you need your investment to be and how much risk you can tolerate with your investments which will determine how much you can lose on your investment. The general rule is that the less…

How to Prepare for a Happy Vacation and Stress Free Return

When going on vacation there is a great excitement that is followed by a BIG amount of fear: Will you get it all done before you go? Will you be able to truly unplug? Your to do list seems to grow exponentially and you wonder why you scheduled time off in the first place.

The Purpose-Driven Business: 5 Simple Truths About Making Money From Your Calling

Do you ever hear a deeper calling to step out and make an impact in this world? Have you created your own business because you know you want to make a difference? Are you living your life purpose in some way? Unfortunately, many well-intentioned businesses (and purposes!) fail. It doesn’t have to be that way! It often comes down to understanding some of the truths that you must learn when you venture into the world of business.

The Sharp Edges of Expansion: Why Your Life Purpose Hurts Sometimes

Somewhere along the way, we learn to avoid things that are uncomfortable. Only problem is that as we lose the edges, we also lose the wisdom that the edges are designed to bring. We lose the intuition that comes from the experience. We lose the discovery of our own boundaries and preferences. And we lose the joy that is a natural result of vulnerability, awareness, and energy…

Start in Business – How to Make the Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur

Most of us were raised with the belief that life is happening to us. Since our early ages, we were told that we need to prepare ourselves for what life will bring us in the future. Following our cultural background and our parents’ and teachers’ advice, we learned that our duty is to successfully get our diplomas and become good employees.

How to Start a House Sitting Business

Looking for an easy side business? If you want extra income, try out house sitting.

How Soldiers Can Make More Money

Soldiers serving abroad can make extra money, legally, both from sources back in the USA and from using sharp business skills in the overseas country. First, some cautions are in order. I would never advocate getting involved in black market or illegal trading.

Reasons and Requirements to Incorporate a Business in Canada

In this article I will attempt to explain the reasons for incorporating a business in Ontario, Canada. I hope you find it helpful.

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