How To Make $100 Per Day With Index Funds


The Myth of Experiential Knowledge

There are those who teach that knowledge without experience is useless. This is tantamount to saying that you can learn anything without having gone through the trials and tribulations of that experience yourself; and we all of us know that that simply isn’t the case. In fact, I would agree with you that those who can only learn in this manner are very foolish indeed, because they apparently can’t learn from the mistakes of others. How can you use what you know to get what you want?

The One Percent Rule That Can Make or Break Your Entire Business Model

I have coached a lot of people. They think they have the formula for success because they’ve laid out a business model, worked on their systems and marketing, and did some coaching. Just because you’re getting stuff done doesn’t mean you are happy, profitable or expanding your business.

7 Qualities That Make Mark Zuckerberg An Ace CEO

On the eve of Facebook’s IPO, as I finish my copy of “The Facebook Effect” by David Kirkpatrick, I have learned a lot about Facebook’s young CEO and got many insights into what makes him the formidable leader he has grown into. So I thought I’d put down the things that impressed me most about Mark Zuckerberg.

3 Essential Steps To Get Your New Business Started

No matter what the economy is telling you, there’s never been a better time to start your own business. Small businesses have a big impact: Forbes wrote a report this May saying that 60-80% of today’s jobs have been created by small businesses. Not only that, but there are 25,000,000 small businesses currently thriving inside the United States. Don’t let the corporate world fool you-now, more than ever, is the time to shine if you have a business idea you’d like to start building.

Business Success Through Joint Ventures

Creating business success through joint venture partnerships. What is required to establish a successful JV deal? How do you get started and create success through joint ventures

Entrepreneurs, Take Advantage of the Business Cycle Phases

A new look at the business cycle phases and how you can use them to your advantage. As an entrepreneur and business owner you need to be proactive in your market positioning, following the phases of the this cycle is one way to do it.

5 Ways to Stop Being A Slave to Your Business

Building a transparent company is the key to building a business that gives you freedom to be a leader. To stop being a slave to your business means moving towards trust and change and away from the status quo. It takes time to shift to a leadership role, but the results area well worth the effort. You’ll see positive changes that you never believed possible.

What Type of Credit Card Machines Are the Best?

It’s not really a case of which credit card machines are the best, it’s more a case of which company you get them through. Most debit and credit card machines operate in the same way no matter which make or model you get. You need to be signed up with an independent payment processor in order to use debit and credit card machines. These companies will process the payments you take through the machines and charge you a fee per transaction; most of them will also charge you a leasing fee for the rental of the credit card machines you use.

Dealing With Fear and Anxiety in Business

“I think that maybe inside any business, there is someone slowly going crazy” Joseph Heller In a recent study, 62% of BRW Fast Starters identified anxiety as the biggest personal problem to running a business Basically, this anxiety was about the fear of the unknown I know, we all put on a brave face to the world to show that we have everything under control and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Certainly, we want to exude confidence in our business dealings. But the reality of life is such that we do and will face…

Compounding Money For Rapid Wealth

It is the pursuit, fantasy and dream of millions to become instantly wealthy. From playing multiple lottery numbers, to fast cash money programs, people are lured in by the millions for get rich quick opportunities. Even high end media, such as radio and television have capitalized on the thirst and hunger of the masses with their multiple programming of shows highly targeted towards people desiring to become instantly wealthy or lightening fast millionaires.

Six Easy Steps to Move From Fed Up To Fabulous With Your Business!

I know that we can all get tired at this time of year. We may be waiting to go on holiday or feeling frustrated with the weather. Sometimes it seems like the month won’t pass fast enough. Or maybe, if you are really honest, you are fed up with your business performance. Maybe the business hasn’t really hit its mark yet – and you are frustrated with running what you think is an expensive hobby instead of a real business. If you are feeling like this, it’s time to embrace the numbers!

Compounding Money Now – Wealth Building for the Common Person

Create financial wealth at lightening speed starting with under $5.00. Multiply your dollars quickly for maximum profits. Easily sharpen your skill to create massive cash from the comfort of your home designated for the common everyday person. No special experience or skills required.

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