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My Day at Shark Tank (Part II of III)

I recently wrote about my personal experience with Shark Tank, the hit ABC show. Where did this phenomenon start? But more important; where can it go?

3 Tips For An Entrepreneur to Select the Right Opportunity

Selecting the business opportunity that is right for you may be a daunting prospect. You may not be sure what areas need considering and which don’t. This article discusses three tips to support the aspiring entrepreneur select the right business opportunity.

Awaken the Entrepreneur Inside of You

Not all of us have the drive to be an entrepreneur; many are contented of just being an employee and expecting that the company or your boss will provide a good retirement for you and/or that the government will support you very well when the time comes since you have diligently contributed to the government social welfare programs. But, is that enough assurance for you? With the current population (In the UK-62M; Spain- 46M & PHILS-95M, these are 2011 est.) and the increasing life span of people plus the demands for various benefits from the government, can you really rely your retirement to the government benefits?

5 Top Startup Tips for Entrepreneurs in a Business Plan

There are a number of things to consider when you are starting up in business. However if you have a practical business plan it should make your startup much easier.

3 Simple Ways To Make Money With A Blog

If you would like a few ways to make money with a blog, or if you want to make more money with the blog you already have, then give this short article a gaze. You may find you like it. And that may just put a few more peanuts into your piggy bank. You be the judge.

How to End a “Dry Spell” in Your Business

One of the greatest feelings you’ll have when you’re an entrepreneur is when business is humming along and you have a full dance card: Clients are calling and emailing you, your calendar is crammed with jobs and appointments, and your mailbox and bank accounts show a healthy influx of checks and money. But there’s a dangerous mindset you can fall into when things are going great and that mindset can cause one of those scary “dry spells.” Learn the secret of avoiding those dreaded dry spells and keep your business and cash flow going strong!

Concepts of Blue Ocean Strategy

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, a lot of companies and businesses are looking for strategies to stay ahead of the competition. As such, there are several business strategies that a company can adopt. A choice should be made based on individual preferences and requirements.

4 Quick Tips for Smooth Running Office Relocations

Part of the nature of businesses is change. Whether this is growth and expansion, or saving on costs, at some point in your journey through business you will probably need to think about relocating to a new office. No matter what your reason for relocation is, the end product of actually relocating is always guaranteed. Figuring out where to begin with a task like relocation can be daunting, but with a bit of preparation you can turn your dreams into a reality. This guide is designed to help you get the ball rolling.

Retrenchment During Economic Downturn

Decreasing the number of workers to facilitate balance in the ratio of a company’s profit-expenditure could not be an ideal solution especially during an economic downturn. It will frustrate production and consumption due to unemployment.

Are You Asking Powerful Questions?

Let’s look at how to use powerful questions with prospects, customers, or team members. The same principles mostly apply to you and your personal relationships, with the important caveat that your loved ones may not want you to be in a coaching role with them, so personal conversations need to be framed differently.

Social Media Giant Digg Sold Cheap: Hot Lessons For The Successful Entrepreneur

A sure shocker: Digg, one of the busiest social bookmarking sites has just been sold for a paltry $500,000 to a New York startup- Incubator Betaworks. If you have read “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, it would be no news to you about how the hottest web enterprises could go under in a whim.

Tips for Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be very exciting, but there are some things for you to consider so that you can achieve a level of success which will help to keep your business going. Here are some tips which you can use to develop your business properly and to make sure that everything is up and running as smoothly as possible.

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