How To Invest $100 – $1,000 In The Stock Market


Reinvent Yourself – Make Money With Your Know How

Am I crazy or did making money suddenly become more difficult? That alone is causing many of us a lot of stress. I’m a lot like you in that I have had a very successful business, but over the last few years it seems that all the ways I used to make money changed. The message changed. The tools changed. In fact, for a lot of us, even our customer changed. How about your industry? Did your industry take a hit? Are you in a race to the bottom? It used to be easy to be profitable. These days, even though people still need you, have you lowered your prices to the point where you are on the verge of workaholic insanity or even bankruptcy because your margins have disappeared? It used to be that we just did what we do. If we told people where we could be found and delivered a good product, the rest was easy.

Are You a Three-Bagger?

It’s no secret that I have high expectations of myself, my clients, my family and particularly my sons. I find myself more and more often in a conversation with my eight-year old that goes something like this: “Why can’t I wear sweatpants to school?” “Well, because I think sweatpants are for around the house or for sports practice.

How To Make Money With Gigs

An overview of some high demand mini tasks that do good on micro job postings. Talks about micro jobs posting and some do’ and do not considerations to think about when displaying you skill sets.

Why You Should Never Get A Job

Want to get paid even when you are not working? Wouldn’t it be better to get paid ever hour of the day, no matter what activity you are doing?

Take Care Of Your Business, III

Lately, it’s been all-the-fashion to talk about the “evils” of competition. Especially in America, where current election-year rhetoric features quite a bit of hot air about “fairness,” “corporations are not people,” and “shame on The One Percent,” leaders play to the inner “Victim” of their constituents by claiming the government can make sure everyone gets their fair share of life’s bounty…

Enjoy Financial Independence Via Nurse Entrepreneurship

Certified nurses with an entrepreneurial mind can enjoy the benefits of running their independent businesses. Nurse entrepreneurship provides a myriad of opportunities that individuals can explore. These entrepreneurial opportunities present…

Nurse Entrepreneurs In The Medical Field

Nurse entrepreneurs play a vital role the medical industry and can have a drastic impact on patients who need medical care. Those who are considering getting into nursing, there are a number of opportunities that would allow nurses to pursue…

Start in Business – 5 Big Mistakes to Think About Before Getting Started

According to statistics, 96% of businesses disappear in their first 10 years of activity. It is very sad for behind these figures there are real people with their feelings of enthusiasm and hope, people putting in these businesses their time, effort, and money. But, it seems that good feelings, hard work, and positive thinking are not enough to succeed in business.

What It Takes to Be Self Made Young Millionaires – They Certainly Have Changed Our World

People are looking for interesting and useful approaches to creating their own pathways to success. The following few examples are about a few of the self made young millionaires who have brought success to a whole new level, and the way the world does business and pleasure to a totally different plane.

What a Blog Does: It Leads Your Visitors

You respond to your visitors, and new friends, with a structured step by step process of building the relationship leading to the sale. What a blog does is help you with a good marketing plan. Which is: Get the largest number of people following what you want them to do. A great strategy is about setting up a plan. A plan of where you want your visitors to go step by step. Then as they turn into your new friends, you’ll want them telling others about what they liked.

Why Have A Mentor?

Why should you have a mentor? In this article I want to specifically discuss three benefits to having a mentor. For the purpose of this article, I will be speaking specifically about a business mentor or coach but you will see that the benefits really are universal. The three things I will discuss are leverage, shortening of the learning curve, and guidance.

How to Make It In America

One thing is for certain when you’re running a business especially when you’re just getting started. You must have the right mindset. What this means to me is believing in myself and my purpose and practicing a NO EXCUSE approach. Taking a product to market…whether it’s selling to independent stores, big box chains or direct to consumers through your own online store or catalog…can be a daunting and intimidating experience especially for those new to the scene. It takes a unique combination of mindset and business savvy to thrive in the consumer products industry especially in this new economy. That’s why I agree with one of my mentors who says that she used to think that growing a successful business is 90% marketing…but now she believes that it’s more like 90% mindset. I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. Don’t get me wrong, I think solid authentic marketing is definitely key, but if you don’t have the right mindset there are so many things that can stop you on your tracks or make it that much more challenging to meet your goals.

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