How to Increase Profit in Business


Got Clients?

Are you trying to grow your business but find yourself needing more clients? The author was in that predicament when she began her practice. She tried the usual marking activities, but what she found was most helpful was visualizing clients coming to her. She presents three visuals that she used to attract more clients.

Creating Business Systems 2: Lessons From Michael Gerber on Business Building

As an entrepreneur your job is to build a company that is bigger than you, that is dependent on systems and not a particular person or talent. Every week you should be getting closer to the goal of your business not even NEEDING your presence.

How the Forgotten Inventor of the Shopping Cart Revolutionized Retailing and Shopping Forever

Few people today, beyond college students studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship, know the name Sylvan Goldman and that he invented to elemental shopping cart. His simple Invention is a central piece in the development of modern consumerism and Mass Market Retailing. It is also an example of how being creative and solving a problem can create vast personal wealth.

Top 5 Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India

Women in India have come a long way from being just ‘homemakers’. The world now sees them with a different eye and a new respect. Women entrepreneurship in India has come a long way from women working only part time.

Side Income Ideas

This article will give a few side income ideas. Each will go into some detail.

Social Entrepreneurship: Indian Women Shine In Social Ventures

India has no dearth of inspiring initiatives and shining examples set by women social entrepreneurs. Here are some examples of Indian women who have initiated social ventures.

Starting Your Own Tax Business – 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Tax Franchise

Starting your own tax business provides an eager entrepreneur with a foot in the door of an industry that has proven to be recession proof, and in growing demand. Before you spend thousands on buying a franchise to help get your new tax prep start-up off the ground, be sure to consider these 5 points.

What Is the Real Definition of Success?

Why is it that when discussing Internet Marketing, we ALWAYS hear about the 3% or the 4%, those that really make it big, but very little about those others that succeed but not to the top? What is the biggest difference? Why is there a difference anyway? Physical – none that I have been able to tell. Has to be something different, and that is one of my questions. Maybe first, we should define the word “success”…

Is Your Job Helping You Fulfill Your Life Dreams and Desires? How to Get the Life You Want

One of the issues I have with the reliance on a job for security and as a tool to create the life I want, is that I don’t have control over a job. Let me back up a bit and discuss why I think people get led into the reliance on jobs that don’t serve their life dreams and desires. It starts in school. When we are kids we have a natural desire and ability to dream about what we want. We have the imagination to see what our lives might look like if we could have it all, just the way we want it. The problem is that when we start public school the breaking down of our dreams begin. I also see this as the beginning of the process of educating us into the job reliance mentality.

Invest in Yourself to Make Money

As an online marketer, I have had the pleasure of meeting new people every day, and learning off the very best within the business. The Six Figure Mentors are one of the best sites that offer the training, learning and expertise that is essential for making money online as an online marketer. To be an entrepreneur, you don’t need to have thousands of pounds at your expense, as some of the wealthiest people in the world started off with nothing which they had to work around the clock to meet demands to bring in the money.

Using Customer Service In Your Practice As a Marketing Tool

Health care practices are not generally known for their customer service. In fact, more often than not, they are known for its lack thereof. We all know that patients talk about our practices. If that talk is good, it’s great for marketing.

A Five Point Job Recovery Strategy

Most, if not all, the net new jobs in the last decade have come from startup businesses less than 5 years old. A record low of 505,000 startups occurred in the US in 2010, over 150,000 less than a high in 2006. For the country to return to full employment this trend must be stopped. To encourage new startups and new jobs, Entrepreneurs R Us is proposing a 5 point strategy to return startup activity to pre-resession numbers and beyond.

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