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3 Tips to Bringing Feminine Energy Into Masculine Business Models

A traditional business model is a masculine business model. But with more women joining the ranks of entrepreneurship than ever before in the history of mankind, it makes sense to infuse the traditional business model with feminine energy, so you can more effectively reach women entrepreneurs. Following are 3 tips to get you started.

What’s Your “Art”? Make Sure You Let It Out Personally or Professionally

In the amazing book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, she discusses the concept that all of us have an “art” that runs deep within us yearning to break out. This art can literally be an artistic talent like painting, writing, or performing, but it could also be something else entirely. It can be connecting, teaching, being funny, etc.

You Need ‘Effort’ To Achieve A Passive Income

This article outlines my EFFORT model for online financial success. Before starting a new online project ensure you consider the six steps of me EFFORT model.

When Reality Bites, It’s Decision Time

In each moment each of us has a choice to decide what the outcome will be today, tomorrow, and the day after that. But once the day is past, it’s your past life. You can bring it forward with you, or not.

Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Encounter and How To Overcome Them

Have an optimistic bent of mind and be ready to take on the challenges. Recognize the common problems that you may have to face at various stages of entrepreneurship. Glance through the following to find out what they are and how you can overcome them: Getting overwhelmed As you shift from the corporate world to your own business startup, you may have to deal with a lot of varied responsibilities.

Machiavelli and the Competition

Whatever else it is, Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ is certainly profoundly ruthless and cynical; so much so that we use the term ‘Machiavellian’ to mean just that: ruthless and cynical. After all, it was Machiavelli who invented the term ‘the end justifies the means’.

From Idea to Money

So you have an idea, now what? Here are four step to get you from idea to money.

Keeping Passion in Your Business in 2014 and Beyond

As a brand new entrepreneur or at the start of a new business venture, passion and excitement are at an all time high. Entrepreneurship is like being in a relationship. It has cycles and learning curves. The excitement is at risk of diminishing with each new challenge but so is the passion. Exactly, how does an entrepreneur or small business owner maintain the passion?

How to Get the Most From a Business Counselor

The one trait all successful business owners have in common is that they ask for help when they need it. And the good news is help is readily available. You can find a business counselor or coach in just about any location not far from you and sessions are often at no charge, especially if you’re planning to start a business.

My Million Dollar Mistake

My million dollar mistake plagued me for years. Each time I think of what I did all of those years ago, I cringe. A million dollars is a lot of money so how could I make such a mistake? It is really simple (and stupid)…

Here’s a Mistake Not to Make When Starting Your Business

When contemplating the start of a new business, it’s common for people to tell their friends about their great idea. They want feedback and support. People want to hear what their friends have to say because they’re excited about it. They want to know if others think their idea is as great as they think it is. Well a mistake they made was that they needed to be convinced that the idea is a great one. Don’t get me wrong, telling friends and family about the idea is not a bad thing. It’s the decisions that are made based on that information that can cause disappointment.

Communication Is King. What Is Your Communication Like?

It’s been said that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your communication with yourself and with others. A Business Leader’s knowledge of self is key to communicating effectively. Business Leaders that achieve outstanding results have mastered the ability to know themselves and others, and have learned to ask themselves great questions.

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