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Your Preliminary Startup Steps

Your new product and service is still a flashing idea inside your head. You are still working for someone else. Before you chuck your paycheck, consider these few steps for your prospective new business.

Start-Up a Restaurant Business – ‘Real Life’ Practical Advice Shared

Starting your own restaurant is a dream for many but success for a very few. It is a tough market. This article provides real-life experience shared by people who have opened their own restaurant and provide valuable advice on how to create a successful business.

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing – How to Get Started

In this article I will briefly explain the first few steps to affiliate marketing. This introduction will give you an insight into whether affiliate marketing is for you, whether it be in the online or the offline world.

From Working Drone to Industry Legend – Where Do You Currently Feature On The Continuum?

From Working Drone to Practitioner to Specialist to Authority; every industry presents you with a positioning continuum. Where do you find yourself right now? And do you fear the next level?

How to Start Your Own Mowing Business

Many 13 to 15 year old kids experience their first business mowing lawns for neighbors or family members.  It’s a great place to learn about “people” in the neighborhood.

How Feminine Energy Will Make You a Better Negotiator

Many people automatically assume the terms feminine and women in business are synonymous terms. That is not so. The feminine energy I write of is drawn from diverse fields ranging from consciousness, holistic healing, metaphysics and Taoism. The key learning from Taoism is that all things have both a masculine and feminine energy. In the context of negotiating think of your feminine energy as passive, reflective, all encompassing, balanced, unrealised potential, collaborative and one with everything. Drawing from Taoist principles again there is no conflict, no struggle, no competing interests, no winners/losers, no getting ripped off, no self-serving interests, no domination to the exclusion of others, no power plays and no ego.

Leaders of the New Light: How the Feminine Transforms Leadership

The new model of leadership is founded on personal empowerment. At its core is heightened self-awareness and awakened consciousness. It isn’t so much about self-mastery as it is about the self-acceptance. The Taoists believed that all living things, including people, had an essential nature, an innate nature.

Are You Looking to Find Your Edge or Return to Your Centre?

The masculine strives to find a competitive advantage, point of difference, unique selling proposition, first-mover advantage, target market strategies, acquisition targets. The feminine doesn’t strive for anything. It finds flow, creates networks, works collaboratively, connects with a like-minded tribe of people.

Customer Service and Convenience, A Powerful Strategy

The day, I was talking to an entrepreneur in Florida who was interested in putting in an oil change business. He would be right by a freeway, and although there were other companies in the area doing the same thing, in fact there was one right down the street, he believed it was a great opportunity and the competition being there only emboldened his resolve because it meant there was lots of business to be had, the other company was extremely busy.

With More Unemployment Is Price A Bigger Factor Than Convenience?

Over the years, being in the service business before retirement I realize that I made money by saving other people time and money. Mostly we saved them time as we were a very convenient service. We were in the mobile car wash business and we competed against the fixed site car washes. It takes a lot to go to a facility to get your car cleaned, and we were mobile and we came to the customer. This obviously gave us a superior advantage, not to mention our price points were similar.

Job Training Issue – Are You Hiring People or Do You Hire for Skills?

The other day I was reading through a brochure about a business seminar convention and symposium. One of the breakout sessions was about job training and why you should hire people for their ability to learn, adapt, and rather than the skills they have learned in the past. Actually this would be a debate session where folks from either side of that paradigm would give their opinions of how a human resource director ought to go about this process. I have some thoughts on this since I was formerly a franchisor founder, and we did a ton of training, let me tell you.

Just Because You Are In a Dirty Industry Doesn’t Mean Your Office And Facilities Should Look It

The other day, I was talking to a gal who lost her job working at the recycling company nearby. She was at Starbucks sitting in the air-conditioning and drinking her latte. I wasn’t sure if she was feeling sorry for herself, so I told her; “I am sorry to hear that.” She told me not to worry about it because she was tired of the smell, and the office look like a pigsty. Indeed, I laughed, and was hardly surprised because I’ve been around industrial type businesses all my life.

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