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Naming Your Business for Success

The Pay off in how you choose a name and why will always show in the results. Picking the right business name is just as crucial as a good well laid out Business Plan – it can be a very strong advertising element of your business and can eventually be used for strategic branding. A name and sustainability of the Business Go hand in hand.

Are You Dreaming or Believing? The Secrets to Success for the Entrepreneur in the New Age

Have you ever dreamed? Well most of us have dreamed before and then woke up to reality. You see there’s 2 types of people in life. You have the dreamers & the believers. Both can have the same dream just as equal abilities and opportunities, but why does only 1 of the two make their dreams come true. These very few people are known as the believers, these very few wake up from their dreams and believe they must change the world some how.

How to Start a Truck Wash

The haulage industry in Nigeria in most parts of Africa and the world has continued to grow. In Nigeria, the emergence of big industrial sector leaders like the Dangote Group, the increasing consumption of petroleum products in remote locations in Nigeria and the movement of agricultural products from the largely rural sector of Nigeria and most African countries to the few over-populated urban centers have meant that the trucking business continues and would continue to grow in the coming years.

5 Reasons to Create a Positive Work Environment

What we do for a living is of course important to us. However, the environment that we work in: the physical atmosphere is also of prime importance, but it also is a very individual preference. There are two aspects of our work environments that are important. It includes not only the people that are in our physical space but it also includes the aesthetics, the surroundings in terms of how the space is decorated and what is says about the business organization and its inhabitants.

Have Corporations Failed Us?

Are corporations making our lives better? Do we actually need them?

Things Your Momma Never Told You About Running a Business!

Read now for words of wisdom from the top women entrepreneurs in the Upstate of South Carolina. Learn tips on getting your business started, running your business and important words of wisdom for new entrepreneurs.

5 Tips For Working Productively

Making the transition from employee to full-time business owner can be a tough adjustment for some. After years of living the cubicle life, and sticking to a strict, structured schedule, it is natural to want to break free from the life that you used to know and settle into a life of freedom! But when you make the switch to being your own boss, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all structure and discipline should go out the window. In this article, I am sharing 5 tips to make the most of your time and work more productively.

What Can an Entrepreneur Learn From the NCAA Championships?

Are the values that make a great athlete, values like hard work, determination, overcoming obstacles, also entrepreneurial values and can these same values be used to achieve entrepreneurial success? By looking at the life of a championship athlete, is it possible to learn these values and see how to apply them to find serial success in business.

Ensuring Safe Loads When You Drive for a Living

Drivers who transport bulky packages should follow the cargo logistics advice outlined in this article. There are some important tips.

10 Places to Find Ideal Clients

“Where do I find people to invite into free sessions?” This was one of the questions from a client this week and it reminded me that it’s such a common question and so I have answered it in this article for you. So I am imagining that you want to fill your private programme right now and one of the simplest strategies I know and teach is to invite your ideal clients into free sessions, or what others may call, enrollment conversations.

Do You Struggle With Follow Up?

The event is over, you met some amazing people, collected several business cards and made some really good contacts. Now you are back to day-to-day life wondering, now what? What do I do with these cards and contacts? What’s my next step?

Software to Help Start a Business

Numerous steps are involved in starting a business and you are more likely to miss out on a few if there is no one to guide. Entrepreneurs can take help of software in order to start a business without missing the important steps. The use of technology in setting up an enterprise is nothing unheard of and wise use of software can actually make the going easy for entrepreneurs. There are software programs to automate the planning as well as production phases of your business.

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