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10 Simple Tips to Network Successfully and Get Great Results

Networking is such a crucial element in building your business and there are some traps you can easily fall into that can make it less than effective for you and your business. We have put together 10 simple tips that can help you make the most out of your networking opportunities, and create optimal relationships that are win-win for all!

Why Are You Working for Others?

Does your job leave you feeling that there should be something more in your life? Maybe you aren’t living the life you know is out there just waiting for you to grab it. When you work for someone who has control over your life they set your schedule.

8 Steps To Finding The Ideal Candidate In LinkedIn

LinkedIn is arguably the biggest and best business network on the Web. Rarely will you find someone in it whose professional is questionable. That makes it a particularly valuable source for identifying and recruiting the ideal candidate. Even if you’re just starting a business, you’ll find this network particularly helpful for finding just the right person to help you with your problem.

4 Ways To Find Key People For Your Business

When you start a new business, you’ll quickly discover that your progress often amounts to two steps forward and one back, though there are many days when the opposite is true. This experience can be particularly frustrating, especially when the problem you’re trying to solve seems as though it should be fairly easy to overcome. Attempting to do it all yourself, usually for financial reasons, is an attractive and, to a certain extent, noble endeavor; but usually, it’s quite impractical.

The 5 Most Important Entrepreneurial Lessons I Learned In My 20’s

Being a young business owner has its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.   However, after turning 30 and continually learning, maturing and correcting mistakes, I’ve learned that there are a few small business lessons that both young and old aspiring entrepreneurs should pay attention to: 1. If You’re Not Setting Goals and Relentlessly Pursuing Them, You’re Not Moving Forward – I’ve been lucky to achieve a great deal in my early professional life.

How To Obtain The Expertise You Want For Almost No Money

New businesses face a lot of issues when they first begin, such as obtaining a positive cash flow, creating and/or selling products, marketing, etc. One of the most common problems occurs when they are stopped by a lack of expertise in a key area.

How To Open A Restaurant in Beijing

Beijing’s economy is booming, making it an idea place to open a restaurant. However, setting up a new business can be complicated.

Considerations Prior to Starting a Business

Can You Sell the Product or Service? What I mean by this is that can you get on the phone and actually “sell” the product or service in a convincing manner to the target individual(s)? Nervousness aside (all entrepreneurs are at 1st), a small business owner needs to be able to verbalize in a quick, concise, appealing and intelligent manner as to why someone should give them money for their offering.

Quick, Cheap or Easy?

In an ideal world, everything would be quick, cheap and easy. Unfortunately, our world is far from that standard. No matter how we approach the problem, the best we seem to be able to hope for is two out of three.

Professional Success Doesn’t Mean Personal Success

You have to balance the two- think of it as balancing your budget of success. Keep both your professional and personal success on your agenda, so that you can become successful in all aspects of life.

Top 10 ‘Pain In The Business Butt’ Reasons To Collaborate

Whether a solo-preneur or an entrepreneur, it’s highly likely joint ventures or collaborations may have been something you considered. Until you face what’s kicking you in the butt with any number of business pains, you won’t know how to position a collaboration, let alone whether to engage in any. Each these top ten pain in the business butts are a potential reason to consider collaborating.

Failure Is a Necessary Step Along the Road to Success

Many people fail the first time they attempt something, even the greatest minds in history. Learn from your mistakes in order to succeed in the future.

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