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Just Stop Comparing

If there is one thing that we all do – it’s compare ourselves to others. We look at other women’s clothes, their bodies, their houses, everything.

Hiding Place: Always Being The Strong Leader Can Make You Weak

We all find ourselves wondering if we are getting any closer to our dreams, we all questions our motives, and we all have days when things just seem pointless. The trick is to recognize when we are at a weak point and figure out what needs to be done to strengthen ourselves and eliminate the roadblocks in front of us.

The Power of Testimonial on Your Site

Today I’m going to lay down some wisdom on the power of reviews on your website. Many new (and seasoned) entrepreneurs are intimidated by the review. And they have a good reason to be. A bad review can turn customers away, break some trust that you’ve been working hard to build, and undermine the quality of your product, services, or reputation. A negative review can also cause your self-esteem to take a big hit.

10 Tips to Help You to Stay Motivated

Always continue the climb. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with a power that is greater than ourselves to do it.

This Could Happen to You Or Someone You Love

I was coming out of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre today, heading towards Union Station (which is similar to the train terminals in New York) when I came across a crowd of the station’s employees, holding hands. Two of them were holding a flag that said something to the extent…

Entrepreneurs Look at Every Job As a Career Opportunity

As a serial entrepreneur, I often consider whether or not what I’m doing is going to be a launching pad for something greater. Whether I’m sweeping the floor at home or I’m typing an email, it’s hard for me to put much effort into something without saying, “hey, what if I could find a way to make this easier?”

What Five Rules Can You Break When Starting Up A Business?

The old-school way of starting up an online business was to complete your business plan, set up your website, become incorporated, clarify your niche, and test your market-all before starting up! This was time-consuming, expensive, and a big headache. Bending, or even breaking, these five old-school rules will save you time and money, and help you start up faster the new-school way.

3 Ideas To Sell Wholesale Glow Necklaces To Customers

Selling wholesale glow necklaces to customers could be a snap if you know how. Find out more tips here.

Your Customers Want Choice – Give It to Them

Learn how it took one small company in the technology industry to revolutionize the music industry that was a mammoth in its size and also the way it moved. Sometimes small things can lead to big changes. There are valuable lessons for entrepreneurs, or any business owner for that matter, in this story.

Great Ideas Follow a Falling Apple

Many of us know the impact of a falling economy following the recent economic meltdown in 2008. The economy is like gravity – there is only so high it will go before it comes crashing down. Though it seems to take most of us by surprise, we should be expecting it and prepared for it. Failure to do so is critical to our financial wellbeing.

Financing Your Business With Your Retirement Account: How It’s Done

It may be surprising to some, but there is more than one way to finance your business without a bank or borrowing from relatives. Ever wonder what the overall process was to fund your business with your retirement account? This provides the overview.

How to Open a Maid Service

To begin this discussion of how to open a maid service; a quick overview of the industry’s current customs in referring to this type of service is necessary. Historically, in wealthy and even upper middle class homes, there would usually be one to three different types of maids employed. But in today’s culture a maid can and usually does mean a person who cleans a home(s).

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