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Entrepreneur on the Web

Access to the Internet is more and more commonplace. The Internet adds another dimension to job searches, starting a new business, and marketing a business online. New businesses are no longer dependent only on local folks or others passing through their local area.

Business Planning, Vision and Passion

When business planning, it’s logical to let your passion shine through a little. You also have to establish that there is need for your service; that you have the ability to service that need and therein lays the opportunity. You also need to explain why your past experiences have helped prepare you to deliver that service.

How to Keep Your Business Running When You Have Personal Issues to Handle

When you work for someone else you can take sick, vacation or personal time but when you work for yourself it’s not always easy to take a day or week off. One of my clients, a mom with a part time job and her own business is using every single spare second she has to work on her business. This week a slight family situation occurred that required her attention and no one else’s.

What Is Project Management and Why Should You Care?

One of the most important skills a new entrepreneur must develop is project management. And it’s one of the most important skills needed in a new business. But what is project management and why is it so important? In this article, you’ll discover what project management is and why it is so critical for every entrepreneur.

Launch Your First Website for Profit: Step by Step

Starting your first web business? Brand new to internet sales? Here’s a step-by-step guide for the total Newbie. Pros and cons, consideration, how to buy your first domain and web hosting, what to sell, who to connect with.

Comparable Company Analysis

The comparable company analysis is an important valuation method that investment bankers use. This valuation method values a company based on market valuation multiples. The most commonly used multiple is price/earnings, which represents a company’s stock price divided by its earnings per share. Other relevant multiples you can use are the EBITDA multiple, revenue multiple, and sales multiple. Other things that you should also look at are risk and growth rates.

Five Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

We all know the story behind the software giant Microsoft started by Bill Gates. The company was a startup by just two friends with several hurdles ahead of them, but with a strong vision in their minds – “A computer at every desktop”.

5 Killer Email Productivity Tips

Ever since Facebook started to grow in popularity, many dubbed it as the “email killer.” So far, these predictions have been wrong and will continue to be wrong. Email will always play an important role in people’s personal and business lives for several reasons: Facebook can’t be trusted due to their ever changing privacy rights.

Starting A Photography Business And The Benefits Of Seeking Good Advice And Resources

If you really enjoy photography, perhaps it is a good idea to start a photography business. That way, you would be spending time doing what you love, and making money at the same time. That is the ideal situation.

Take Care Of Your Business, IV

What are you known for? When your name comes up in conversation, someone says “Oh, yeah, she’s the person who…” what? If the class-clown among your co-workers did a comedic impression of you, would they have easy material to pull from… a favorite habit of yours, or something you often say? When your boss or your friend or your spouse brags about you, what do they start with? That’s your “brand” in the marketplace….

Communicating and Connecting Are Keys to Success

Do you recall a recent interaction you may have either been a part of or witnessed, where one person was clearly communicating some information and the audience clearly did not understand what was being said? The speaking person, sooner or later, realizes from the puzzled looks or the questions being asked, that the message was not being understood. So the speaker starts again and says the same exact words, just more slowly and louder. Does this work? Does this method ever work? Of course not!

Some Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start a Personal Training Business

Before embarking on starting a Personal Training Business, here are five questions you should ask yourself before you take the plunge, it will help you make profit earlier and take the stress out of unexpected business strains as being forewarned is to be fore armed 1. Do you know your trade, as in, could you guarantee results Its no good being a standard, run of the mill trainer, you need to be able to guarantee your results if your clients stick to your programs. For example, having a 10 week Fat Buster Program where the client is guaranteed…

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