How To Create A $10,000 Per Month Amazon Book Publishing Business


4 Ways People Will Discourage You From Success

While you are progressing along your journey, you will come across many people that will try to discourage you from staying on course. Being conscious of the signs will help you to make sense of what you feel through these difficult times. This article will expose some simple signs to look for so you stay on track.

Two Techniques To Deeper Relationships

Making a deeper connection with people is so important as a leader and as a person. The quality and depth of your relationships will depend on two critical characteristics. First is how connected and honest you are with yourself, and secondly, how deep a connection you can make with others.

How to Write a Business Plan for a Computer Repair Business

So, you have decided to open up a new computer repair business, but really are not sure how to proceed. If that is the case, below we are going to tell you everything that you need to do in order to not only make an educated business decision. But also, the steps you need to take to create a comprehensive business plans that will at the very least, provide you an excellent road map for your new venture.

The Starter Business

Plan to start your own business. Start with an easy business. Consider an electronic information product.

Entrepreneurship – Break New Grounds

An individual who has fixed goals and who is passionate about his dream to create a market for his business with an innovative development ideas. That person is called an entrepreneur. It is very tough job at an early stage and may need some help from venture capital firms to build initial capital.

Home Business Idea – T-Shirt Designs

There are many things that you can do and work from home earning money. Just about everyone would love to have a home bases business. One of these can be a t-shirt design business where you design, sell the t-shirts. This can be done online, flea markets or just designing them for businesses and they would be the ones to print them.

What 80s Movies Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

One night, unable to sleep, I turned on my television, and found myself watching the 1983 movie Risky Business. I hadn’t seen it in years, and am not really the biggest Tom Cruise fan, but I was surprised that, as a small business owner, I could relate to this movie, about a young guy who inadvertently starts a successful brothel, in a way I never had before. To clarify, I could relate to the “starting a business” part of the movie, not the brothel part.

The Top 10 Entrepreneur Character Traits – Do You Have Them?

In this article I am going to list the top 10 character traits of entrepreneurs and highly successful people. These traits can be learned if you are willing to put some time into implementing them.

Capitalism Is Like Evolution

Capitalism is like Evolution: however many people want to discredit it, it always wins out. Two years ago, I holidayed in Viet Nam. Despite being bombarded by scenic bays, Buddhist temples, silk farms, I found it hard to forget that this had been the scene of one of the bloodiest and nastiest wars in recent history. On out last day this was reinforced by a visit to the Viet Kong tunnels near Saigon – now Ho Chi Minh City.

What to Consider When Buying a Business

Buying a business can be an exciting time. It comes with a lot of opportunity and exciting changes. Before sealing the deal, make sure that you can answer some very important questions. Taking the time to do this will help to ensure a successful business deal. Use this article as a guideline for what you should consider before buying a business.

What You Can and Cannot Choose

There are some things in business and in life you have a choice over, and some you do not. One of the biggest of these is how other people act.

Reasons to Buy a Business Instead of Start One

Buying a business can offer all of the benefits of owning your own company, while reducing most of the risks that come with a start up. This article outlines just a few of the major reasons why purchasing an existing business is a good financial investment.

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