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Be A Lucky Entrepreneur

Tips and advice on becoming an entrepreneur with little or no backing. I am a successful entrepreneur and I am often told I am lucky by people that don’t know me very well but the truth is I started my adult life in a teenage homeless hostel and I learned how to create my own luck. Here are some of my tips for creating some of your own luck and how to become an entrepreneur even if you have very little to start with.

Weigh These Criteria When Selecting Retail Premises – Part One

Selecting retail premises is a risky and pressurized undertaking, old traders scream, location, location, location… New age marketers remark, “Get the Customer to Come to You.” Whatever preference you have there is a foolproof system to place your business in the best possible position.

Know the Skills, Tools and Tasks You Need on Your Road to Success

There are tools which will assist you in achieving your definite purpose in life. You have to take the initiative to investigate what is available and learn to use them in the best way to benefit you. When you have the adequate skills, use these tools specifically to move forward in your plan resulting in ultimate accomplishment.

The New Entrepreneurs – Turning Baby Boomer Trends Into Business Ideas

Here is a valuable nugget that can change your whole life – if you have a few gray hairs on your head, you have skills that younger, less experienced people will find valuable. You can create a whole business by teaching other people skills that you have and that they want. The key is to identify what your salable skills are, and then figure out how to sell and deliver them.

7 Ways to Produce More and Work Less

Do you find yourself putting in long hours in an effort to be more productive? Here are 7 ways to produce more but work fewer hours.

Give ‘Em the Chair

Here’s a great technique for all managers, supervisors, and anyone who has to confront a subordinate for inappropriate or less than a superlative performance. I call it “Giving ’em the chair.” It works like this.

The Life Changing Phoenix Business Opportunity

The Phoenix Business Opportunity is Wealth Masters International (WMI). This revolutionary vision into wealth creation was started in 2005 by two visionaries who understood that the lack of financial education was the missing link that kept most people from achieving their dreams. Wealth Masters International offers financial literacy and gives the consumer a real understanding of the tools needed to become wealthy.

How to Find Ideal Clients

You are tired of wasting time working with people that do not really want to work with you, right? What good is it to have long lists and appointment books filled with people who are not our ideal clients?

Business Ideas: Urinary Incontinence Practice

A continence practice is a fantastic opportunity for the advanced practice clinician. There are three very important factors for this type of business. First, there is a huge need; second there are few clinicians involved and finally, the evaluation, management and procedures are reimbursable.

Carl Karcher Was a True Entrepreneur

With all the online hype nowadays on ways to earn a million bucks in a matter of hours with a few clicks of the mouse, sometimes its helpful to go back and have a look at actual entrepreneurs. Carl Karcher is a superb example of what it actually took to become an entrepreneur as well as the sacrifices he had to make to get there.

Three Reasons Entrepreneurs Fail

Success is something you have to earn. If you don’t pay attention to the things that will effect your ability to make your business thrive you will suffer for it and possibly never make it. There are three main things entrepreneurs need to be concerned with. There are many more that result from these three main issues.

Virtual Assistants: DOs and DON’Ts for Building a Great Team

Are you a team player? To leverage your business as a Virtual Assistant, it helps to have a group of experts at your side. Hiring team members allows you to take on more projects and offer more services at a premium. Here are some tips for building a talented, top-notch, and loyal team.

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