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How to Buy a Business in India

If you are thinking of purchasing a business in India expecting it to be cheap and easy then you are in for a surprise. It’s true that business regulations in India are relatively lax as compared to those in the West. However, the Indian economy is steadily becoming stronger and consumers expect nothing less than the best quality.

The Six Pronoun Factors of Building a Business From the Scratch

Ideas are the foundations of businesses. Most people get inspired daily to start one type business or another from the ideas that stream through their minds, but going about it is, usually, the problem. These six pronoun words treats the issue with fanfare!

Thought, Action And The Real Profit Motive

Sure, we all want and need currency and money of some sort to live in this current world and immediate existence. But, what about currency, genuine capital and trade medium for what is beyond and the genuine long run that is “beyond the pale of human understanding”. Being a successful businessperson in this world is all fine and good, but what about the deeper questions and answers we all have to face?

What Is Required To Be A Startup Woman Business Leader?

This article explains how to become a great startup leader. Also, it discusses women entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial Capitalism – Skills Acquisition, Community Empowerment and Microfinance

What is the strategic link among abundant resources, human development and economic development? What is the critical and strategic connection between human capital and economic progress? Why does income inequality persist in spite of significant economic growth? What are some sure paths to social mobility? What are some sure paths to the middle class-the most critical stabilizing force in all societies? Some answers to these nagging policy questions loom large and inform current debates on prudent policy options to cope with the intractable problem of high unemployment of graduates from institutions of higher learning in developing nations in general and in Sub-Saharan Africa in particular.

You Are Handcuffed by Your Reality, And It Sucks

Your reality has you handcuffed and you have stalled, flat lined, maybe even started the slow, easy spiral of death. Death caused by living in your current reality vs. living in the future.

6 Business Skills to Master As an Entrepreneur

1) Don’t take “no” for an answer. When you start planning something really big, you can expect to encounter big resistance – people telling you it will never work and rejecting your ideas. Stick with it! Don’t take “no” for an answer. When people tell you no, or tell you that your idea can’t be done, take note that the path you started down hit a roadblock but keep your focus and find a new way forward. Maybe your product does need work. Maybe you’re talking to the wrong market. Maybe the packaging isn’t right. None of these mean that it won’t succeed; it simply means that you have to go back to the drawing board on some aspect of your idea to find that “yes.”

Embracing the ‘Start-Up Culture’

These days lot of debate is going on to choose best between ‘Start-up Culture’ and Corporate Culture. Start-up Culture in terms of critics is a bad choice and according to them it literally means ‘All fun and No work’. First we need to understand what a start up culture is. Start Up culture is an office environment where there is flat hierarchy, open communications and creativity finds the place in troubleshooting in contrast to corporate culture where there is defined hierarchy and policies.

US Fulfillment Companies Make It Easy To Sell To US Customers

Overseas businesses generally have a hard time competing with US businesses with regards to price if the customer is based in the United States. Huge shipping charges negate any savings that could be seen through cheaper manufacturing. Now US fulfillment companies are leveling the playing field.

How to Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Hard work is important. Those who work hard and are consistent with their work are much more likely to achieve the things that they want…

Why Do Individuals Go for Self Employment?

Self employment can be categorized within the form of the status in the labor market that can cover a vast range of activities. There are various reasons as to why individuals may go for the option of self employment and this is why the group might be heterogeneous. On the one end, the self employed individual can be seen as a single, entrepreneurial employee having micro businesses whereas, on the other end, a possible spectrum is that a group may comprise those people who tend to fail in finding an appropriate paid employment prevailing within the current market conditions.

Don’t Stop When You Are Tired – Stop When You Are Finished!

A strong work ethic is important for all workers, especially the entrepreneur. Not ever has a strong work ethic nor knows how to develop their work ethic. Here are some suggestions about the importance of a strong work ethic and how to develop it.

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