How To Become A Millionaire – The Truth No One Tells You


How to Start a Small Business – 7 Items to Consider

7 things to consider when planning to start a business. Not the complete list but a good beginning. Read on…

What Kind of Financing is Right for Your Business?

Depending on the type of business, it will need to eventually get financing. Here’s a brief rundown on selected types of financing for commercial ventures.

Entrepreneurs Beware! Not Every Investor Is a Good Investor

The world of business can be incredibly cut-throat, high powered and difficult to break into. It is sheer determination, hard work, honesty, integrity and a clear and transparent vision shared with all stakeholders that determine high levels of sustainability profitability. A true millionaire knows how to back a winner and is a sharp operator when it comes to business investments but the true millionaire does not step on the little guy on the way up.

The World Needs Women Entrepreneurs

Not only do we need women entrepreneurs, we need growth oriented women entrepreneurs. Women are starting businesses twice as fast as men. But they are not all growth oriented, employment producing businesses. Many of them end up employing just one person.

3 Benefits of Using Press Releases To Create Visibility to Your Niche Market

Many women in business have attempted to write Press Releases, only to abandon the idea. They either think it will be too expensive to distribute or not sure how to reach their intended audience. A well balanced marketing plan includes a myriad of strategies and online tools.

How to Make a Decision Between Locations for a Salon

There are many different things that a salon’s location can change when they are drastically different, from the promotion involved all the way to the storage that is needed. There are too many salons for people to always pick the least expensive option, and you may find that it is difficult to get people through the door the very first time if your location is odd. Understanding the pros and cons of the various location options is a good way to decide what is right for the area.

Guerrilla Marketing Your Business Plan

So how about a Guerrilla approach to planning? We are not talking about the gorillas that we saw in Tarzan movies. Not exactly the guerrilla in the John Wayne war movies (think Rambo for you younger ones).

Research Like a Guerrilla Marketer

Guerrilla marketers plan with the end in mind, but that’s not all they need to remember when preparing their business plan. A targeted plan needs research to back it up. Here are some tips on how guerrillas research.

The Biggest Reason For Business Failure Online

Business failure for people on the internet is more a common occurrence than finding those who have achieved success online! In many cases it boils down to a lack of motivation and not market conditions or a lack of skills! Read more to discover 3 reasons lacking motivation leads to you sabotaging your own efforts when working online!

How to Be a Good Entrepreneur

Many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur in starting their own business, but few actually go through with the process of doing so. While some people seem to be natural entrepreneurs, the skills that you need to become a successful entrepreneur can be learned.

How To Make Money While In College

How to make money while in college without working multiple jobs, doing anything illegal, or doing any other number of potentially risky endeavors. Is it possible?

It Matters – Trust Me!

Did your parent ever tell you when you were growing up, “I don’t really like you spending so much time with so and so (fill in the name)? Mine sure did, and it wasn’t until I had kids of my own, that I really understood my parent’s concern. It is a proven fact that we become more like those we hang out with, than we’d like to admit. And that can apply to becoming more than, or less than…if you know what I mean.

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