How To Be Happy Everyday (THE TRUTH)


Are Your Competitors Preparing to Invade Your Market? Are You Ready?

Business success is not just luck or simply hard work and passion. There is a surefire method to ensure total domination of your market; a method that is built on years of experience, and put into a simple process. This method aligns business success building blocks with your business success equation. It ties leadership, business process, people, information and goals with lead generation, conversion, prices, transactions, costs. Results are a clear pathway to sustained profitability and total market domination.

Expanding a Small Business Without Letting Technology Hold You Back

You know how you have struggled hard to get your business up and running and now it is expanding well. However you need to be away from the office or shop more and more. Meeting new customers, giving presentations and sourcing new suppliers. You carry around your laptop but really IT is becoming a problem for you.

Be a Real Entrepreneur Employee

If you think being an entrepreneur is only connected to having your own business than you need to brush up your knowledge of modern management skills that are required on a job. A new concept that has recently emerged recently says that skills required in a good employee also include the skills of an entrepreneur.

How To Boost Your Client’s Self-Confidence

Part of our job as service providers is to build the confidence of those we serve so that they may go out and better help others. Here are some tips to help your clients build their confidence and succeed.

The Marketing Cloud

The marketing cloud is marketing through the use of digital media. Build a strong marketing cloud.

4 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

After a rather harrowing, stressful and happy (all at the same time!) week, I took time to reflect on what keeps someone in the game of business. Business IS a game and it does take a certain type of individual to stick with it.

A Guide to Starting a Successful Business

A sure guide to your business success. You have what it takes to make your business a success story. Look inwards and find what you love doing most. Relate it to how it benefits people and develop it. Give it to them and they will give you what you want in return.

What I Learned From Becoming a Full Time Entrepreneur

I’ve been on this full time entrepreneur journey for about 1.5 months now, and I’ve learned a ton. I think that the hardest part of the journey is actually managing myself. You see becoming an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for those who want to see quick results.

How To Start A Business Without Breaking The Budget

Are you ready to launch out on your own with your business ideas? If you are, this article can provide some key tips on how to start your dream business without breaking the budget.

Taking Responsibility Makes You Wealthy Faster

Yes, you can blame Facebook or whatever platform you are using to promote your business – That is one way to go. Or you can take full responsibility for creating wealth in business & life.

3 Business Tips From A Once Homeless Billionaire

John Paul DeJoria was briefly homeless once in his lifetime but is now is a billionaire ($1 billion/year revenue) and philanthropist. He also went on to make a luxury Tequila brand – Patron. Here are some business success tips from John Paul DeJoria

Do You Have an Entrepreneur in You?

Women have touched great heights in entrepreneurship. Their innate quality to handle multiple tasks has enabled them to scale new success every day.

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