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3 Things to Know About A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can be one of the greatest investments you make as an entrepreneur. You have the potential to make 6 figures, but doing it alone can be difficult. Get a virtual assistant to help you reach the success you’re aiming for.

Are You Strategy Avoidant?

Let’s face it, when you’re a thought leader, strategy is overrated. This isn’t chess, this is barely checkers. You don’t really need a strategy. You know where you’re going (well, sort of) and you know how you’ll get there (kind of). After all, you’re really busy, and busy is good (right?).

The Downfall Of Many Small Businesses

Shiny object syndrome is the downfall of many small businesses. Especially solo entrepreneurs. Focus on one thing, master it, make it wildly successful, and then move on to the next.

An Introduction to Social Return on Investment (SROI) for Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs first go into business for themselves after feeling disengaged from their work as employees for large companies, laboring towards someone else’s bottom line. Often these new business owners start their ventures with goals of having an impact on the world – doing something that helps people. This desire to do good leads these social entrepreneurs to develop innovative business models that blend the power of for-profit companies with the social impact of non-profit organizations.

Why You Need To Start Imitating The Strategies Most Outstanding Entrepreneurs Have In Common

The uniqueness of the millionaire mind-set is generally difficult to recognise. Ordinary individuals from normal backgrounds evolving into huge success stories. Are they really all that different from people who don’t achieve their goals, desires and dreams?

7 Freaky Consequences of Success

The word Money is loaded with implication which affects our personalities, relationships, and how we feel. As you may imagine, a great deal is going through our brains when we contemplate money affairs or matters, and some of it is startling. Our brief study revealed these unique observations.

Call of the Wild: The Entrepreneur As a Wolf

There are two types of people in the world. I categorize them as “dogs” and “wolves.” The “wolves” are the ones who create products and build businesses that change the world. The “dogs” are the ones who look to work for the “wolves.”

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Santa Claus

I definitely believe that some people are born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Sometimes it even runs in the family!

What Is Entrepreneurship?

How would you explain the word/term Entrepreneur? After listening to Ernesto Sirolli on the subject of Passion and Entrepreneurship, one will most certainly come away with a completely different view and one that most certainly isn’t how we all think about what an Entrepreneur is now and most likely won’t agree with the view put forward by Ernesto Sirolli. The word Entrepreneur has been tainted to such an extent that today it has nothing in common with its original meaning at all. Isn’t it time that we removed the stigma currently placed on the word Entrepreneur and returned to its true meaning? By the way it isn’t French as everyone believes it to be.

The 4 I’s Of Becoming An Entrepreneur: I Create, I Learn, I Grow, I Do

Not everybody is a leader by birth, not everybody is born with a silver spoon, not everybody is born with fate, but everybody can be somebody if we believe in a making a difference. I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.

Money Management From a Business Perspective

Administrating a business is very similar to organizing a home environment, with all the different expenses to consider preventing the business from going under with deficits and bankruptcy. A business has “children” in terms of all the employed operatives engaged hand-in-glove and with utmost efficiency to make sure that the business finances float above break even. There is however, one main focus for a business to thrive and exist in security and balance, and that is the knowledge of knowing how to manage money in your business, especially with overhead and operational expenses.

Are You The Frame?

I want to make a huge impact in the lives of women entrepreneurs (and some men entrepreneurs as well;) and empower and support them so they have a business and a life that they love and that WORKS for them! Here are some things I recently learned to help on my own Entrepreneurial journey that I know will help you on yours too!

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