He Lost His Job… Then Went On To Do $30 MILLION In Amazon Sales 🤩


Dark Horse Brewery, Gunbarrel Brewing Company, Rogue Ales – What’s in a Name? Hard Work

Do you want to open a microbrewery? Before you develop your business plan and seek potential investors — what will be your biggest challenge? Choosing a name.

How Do Leaders Perform the Best When Using the Laws of Attraction

Our world is governed by our thoughts and how we desire to fulfill our dreams and goals. Thoughts without actions are just unfulfilled dreams that remain in our subconscious for a number of years without being addressed. We control our direct environment with the thoughts we create within ourselves. Many leaders utilize the positive thought principle to properly motivate their staff for greater productivity. Anthony Robbins, the icon of in the field of organizational leadership and performance abide by the Law of Attraction to bring in wealth and success to all his clients. This Law is very powerful and aid many CEOs and leaders to maximize the potential of the law to keep their organization competitive in the market by having a team of individuals sharing the same vision and ensuring growth for many years to come. This Law can’t function without proper understanding and potential pitfall it can create. Without proper action, the law can remain invalid. How can leaders adopt the principle of “thought become things” within the realm of their organization and motivate their staff for greater achievement? How can the Law of Attraction be applicable in every aspect of someone’s life to insure success and happiness?

Cash Flow Planning and Business Funding

Funding for businesses will typically be a consideration at the start-up stage. It may also be an issue once the company is up and running either to smooth out cash flow peaks and troughs identified in your cash flow forecast or alternatively when unforeseen cash crisis issues arise.

5 Steps to Overcome the Employee Mindset: Are You Still Thinking Like an Employee?

Transitioning from employee to entrepreneurship requires some specific skills and tools. In this article I share 5 key principles to ensure a smooth transition. They are: financially investing back into the business, embracing change, awareness of your role, having a positive sales attitude, and being a life-long learning agent.

Using Gleicher’s Formula to Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

There are many self-limiting beliefs that we can have and they can be viewed as the inner reason for false and limiting views of our potential. Since many of these beliefs can be based upon ‘wrong facts’, they prompt us to proceed in life with undue caution and often resistance.

How Sports Made Me A Perfect Fit To Be An Entrepreneur

We all played sports when we were kids. Whether it was outside of school or on the play ground, sports were an essential part of life. Little did we know, they were shaping us into the individuals we are today. Not only did we learn life lessons, but they also taught us how to thrive as an entrepreneur. Read on to find out why you would be a good entrepreneur if you love sports.

Start to Manage Your Business Expenses Not Just Your Sales

It is surprising how many businesses owners do not monitor the expenses incurred by their business and ensure they are getting best value for money when purchasing products and services. Many business owners are too busy working in their business and carrying out the day to day operations of what their business entails that they don’t take the time to work on their business. As time goes by your suppliers increase costs gradually and unless you analyse these incremental increases it is very easy to not realise that they have become expensive.

Why Some Entrepreneurs Succeed More Than Others

The in depth research has shown that there are distinctive differences between those entrepreneurs who thrive and succeed and those that don’t. By implementing these simple strategies that I share in this article you will become fully aware of the difference between the two and by adding some small habits into your daily life success in inevitable.

How to Know the True Value Of Your Company

Business owners should always be thinking about the possibility of selling. The smart business owner should start planning for a sale years before they have any intention of selling. Set forth below are some answers to questions frequently asked by existing business owners.

Can I Turn My Idea Into a Business?

You may have a great idea for a business but don’t understand if you can turn this into a business. The first thing you must do is carry out some market research while you think your idea is great, you need to assess if other people think the same. Market research will vary depending on the type of business you intend to open, but ultimately any market research activities you undertake are to end up with the result of giving you a clear answer to decide if you can make your idea turn into a profitable business.

Helping Entrepreneurs Launch Successful Financial Businesses In A Struggling Economy

New article from a financial marketing and business guru shows financial entrepreneurs how they can launch a successful financial business while taking advantage of the nation’s struggling economy. There has never been a better time to meet the demand of a fast growing industry. The problem is bigger than the solution.

Why Are You In Business?

It’s important to have clear, confident answers as to why you’re in business, what you want to achieve, and how you will make those goals a reality. This is my three-pronged approach to help you get clear on your answers to these questions and build a strong foundation so everything else you do in your business flows more easily and gains momentum.

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