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Are You Specific Enough About What You Want?

I’m constantly asking my clients questions like, “How much do you want to make next year – be specific”, or “How many new clients do you want in the next 90 days – be specific”. It’s absolutely crucial that you know how much you want to make six months or a year from now. You need to write down the number on a piece of paper and put it up where you can see it every day.

Clarify What Matters Most

Being in charge of your business, means that you are the business. Small business owners don’t really have the ability to push responsibilities onto other departments like a corporation can. We often find that we are the sales, research and development, bookkeeping, and customer service departments of our company. We can’t get caught up in just owning the business. We need to remember what is important to make a business successful.

The Transparent Business Owner

Being a fellow business owner, I always keep my ears out for tips and techniques that have led others to success. I’ve recently discussed a few tips with a fellow business owner, and gained a bit of insight into their perspective. While their specific business isn’t the important part, it is how they made the business work that should be taken into consideration.

Working With Angel Investors for Real Estate Purchases

This article specifically focuses on working with angel investors for real estate purchases. There is also a discussion regarding how to use alternative financing methods for owner occupied properties.

Entrepreneurs – What Makes Them Tick

We call them entrepreneurs. They are the new breed of men and women who run their successful businesses in the most divergent, non-traditional ways that we know of from actual business enterprises and from schools. In practice, there had also been people like them in the past – business mavericks that succeeded beyond anybody’s imagination. However, with the unprecedented growth of online businesses nowadays, the number of successful entrepreneurs also grew.

A Business Plan for Women Entrepreneurs

Many think women have a hard time breaking into the independent business industry.However, with a good plan and focused determination, it has and will be done! If you’ve been longing to start your own business, but feel as though you don’t have the time or funds to begin, fear not. Make your dreams a reality with a relatively easy first step; writing a solid business plan.There are several elements that make up a good business plan,but if you just stay true to your goals and aspirations, you’ll be operating a successful company in no time…

Selling Equity to an Angel Investor

This article discusses the process of selling equity to an angel investor. There is also a focus on the considerations that need to be made when deciding to use this type of financing. A brief discussion regarding SBA loans is also included as an alternative to private finance.

SBA Loans Vs Angel Investors

This article focuses on the differences between SBA loans and angel investors. The benefits to each of these types of financing is also discussed.

Angel Investors and Return on Investment

This article focuses on the return on investment that needs to be provided to a potential funding source. The article also focuses on the positives and negatives of working with angel investors.

Angel Investors and Ongoing Capital Needs

This article focuses on using angel investors for ongoing capital needs. There is also a discussion regarding how you can syndicate a number of investors if you require a large sum of capital.

Angel Investors, The Economy, and Other Capital Raising Issues

This article focuses on angel investors and the current economic climate. The article also discusses exit strategies that are needed for private funding sources.

Entrepreneurs Believe in Themselves

An entrepreneur does not always know exactly how things will turn out but you can be sure they believe they will be successful at what ever they do. So why are really successful entrepreneurs good at so many things?

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