Great 2012 Resolutions Needed

Here are summarized 10 New Year Resolutions of small or mid-sized business owners, entrepreneurs and start-up for 2012. It is just a few weeks to go into 2012. You may have started working on your plans and resolutions for 2012. If you have not set any goals for 2012, you got a chance now to pick up with the best entrepreneurs and small business owners in the in the world, who are already making some solid plans or even implementing them. Here are top 10 ideas for your “New Year resolutions’ to be”. By the way they are not only aspirations for you or a hand-on advice for 2012, sometime they are a businesses tip or a market trend or perspectives on how different industries will be heading into 2012.

New Services for Golf Cart Owners?

Well, I live in an area that has over 150 golf courses. Yes, we are a tourist destination area, and I live in a city not too far from Palm Springs, California, which I’m sure you’ve heard of. There are golf courses everywhere, even though we are considered part of the low desert.

Starting a Franchise Business Can Be a Good Opportunity

When starting a new business you want to weigh all of your options. It can be hard to be successful in business because there are a lot of things to consider. You have to choose a business and then build a brand name that people feel comfortable buying. If you consider buying a franchise business you will have a lot of the brand building done for you. It is possible to save money by starting your own company but you want to weigh the pros and cons versus a franchise.

3 Very Simple (AND FREE) Things You Can Do To Help You Succeed In Business

How does one become successful in business? It has nothing to do with the economy or your present circumstances. Plenty of people have become successful in poor economies and with no capital. Many people have become successful that were bankrupt and had nothing more than just an idea. Why and how do these people get rich while others always seem to struggle? This article contains some answers to these questions.

Increase Your Odds – Five Steps to Business Success

So you want to be an Entrepreneur, a business owner and someone free to make your own decisions. You want to be in control of your future, not relinquish that control to others? Someone once said, “our lives are constructed by the decisions we make,” and that could not be truer than in the case of starting a business.

How to Import From China Successfully

China’s growth to a global superpower has been built on the back of its incredibly successful manufacturing industry. Find out how to import products from China, find the right suppliers, and build a profitable importation business for yourself.

Act Like the Big Guns – Conduct Your Own Business Retreat

Large companies in Corporate America usually conduct business retreats, known also as Corporate Retreats. However, what if your business is small, or you are self-employed? Does this mean you miss out on this transformative business activity just because you are not a “big gun”? No way!

Meetings in Wine Country Seem to Evoke Dreams of Owning a Winery

You don’t need to drink wine to be entranced with Wine Country. Going to Wine Country for a corporate meeting is usually the start of business person wanting to be a winery owner. The author is one such person and that caused him to look closely at what it would take (money, time, and experience) to be successful. Here is a great summary relative to what it would take to get beyond the starting line.

There Are Many Ways To Benefit From Entrepreneur Conferences

Entrepreneur conferences can be a very smart investment of your capital if you take the time to plan in advance. Just showing up will reduce the value and may, in many cases result in you missing out on some of the best opportunities. So make sure to attend these events and take the time to set appointments with those you want to see and confirm the products and companies you want to learn more about and you will get more out of your experience.

How to Use Stories to Teach

I’m in love with stories and analogies.  They help me teach.

20 Reasons to Do an MBA Before Starting Business

While it delays the startup, there is much to be gained by doing an MBA course before starting a business. Here are 20 good reasons.

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Perhaps what the most successful companies and CEO’s fear the most is their business failing or filing for bankruptcy. There are many risks involved with investing in your own business, but there are also great rewards.

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