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Does Your Business Thrive or Just Survive? Key Questions to Find Your Answer

The reality is that it’s far more simple to focus on just surviving but having a thriving business is actually simpler than you know. It is about being consistent and ritualistic with the basics of your business. It is about daily actions and steps, on a foundational level, that build strength and build the kind of business that can thrive! This article highlights some key questions in 4 foundational elements of your business to help you thrive vs. just survive.

Do You Have to Figure It All Out Before You DO?

Spiritual entrepreneurs often struggle when it comes to taking action in their businesses because they think they have to know everything before they take any action. Actually, it’s the opposite. It is when you take action that you get to know what you need to know. If you have this challenge, you’ll want to read further.

How to Get Over Yourself When You Have a Really Lousy Day

It wasn’t a pretty picture. I was sitting at my home office desk at 4:00 in the afternoon sobbing.

Mobile Feedback Grows As Smartphone Usage Grows

Mobile feedback is the new method of tracking customer loyalty for customer experience management experts. No longer are small business owners, restaurant managers, and retail stores relying on comment cards and paper surveys. Many are looking to mobile feedback for a way to monitor the sentiment around their brands, incorporate loyalty programs, and even engage with customers at the point of sale.

What Does Leadership Mean To You?

As part of my research for a book that I’m writing on leadership I’m interviewing people who have shown leadership qualities yet may not be well-known outside of their sphere of influence. Here is an extract from an interview with Paul Dillon – a community leader in the Parramatta area of NSW, Australia. Paul has kindly shared his experiences and observations from his varied leadership roles.

How People Make Economic Decisions

Today, I was asked by a business owner on how he could improve his sales for products and services offered. My answer was simple. First, he must understand how people, especially his target markets, make economic decisions. Once this is understood, he must tailor his products and services so that they are aligned with his target markets wants, needs, and desires by creating an effective marketing mix.

Start-Ups – The Ins and Outs

As a business consultant, I have the pleasure of hearing about many business ideas, and I view many executive summaries, and the question that I get asked the most is, “What do I need to do to get this off the ground?” Aside from the need for things like a solid business plan, sales forecasts, presentation materials, a website, marketing, and plenty of money, my answer is always… the will to survive. From my experiences, here are a few things you need to consider…

Successful Women Wear Platforms

The one thing that makes some women successful – is the same thing that makes other women fail. It’s the one thing that makes some happy & rich, yet sucks the life & profitability right out of others. What do I mean? Women are wired to care..

Encourage and Inspire! What Makes a True Leader?

Great leaders can do many things, but what truly makes a great leader is their natural & raw ability to inspire others into excellence while maintaining their own strength & passion. These people will lead you to success no matter the circumstances. They will lift you up to overcome your fears, beliefs & resistance.

Wish Me Luck, No Don’t – I’m An Entrepreneur

We’ve often heard successful entrepreneurs during interviews saying they were just lucky or in the right place at the right time. Of course, we’ve also all heard that saying; “it’s amazing how lucky you get when you are working hard,” or “success is when preparedness meets opportunity,” and I’d say there is a lot of wisdom in all of those thoughts. Still, as an entrepreneur, I am often miffed when someone wishes me luck.

The Business Plan Financials: Simple and Sweet (But Not Too Simple and Sweet)

Anyone who ever reads a business plan has one BIG question on their mind – Will this thing make money? No matter how long or short your business plan is, every word you write boils down to this one question. Learn how to draw up a financial section that titillates and excites but doesn’t roll eyeballs.

How to Think of a Business Idea

Everybody has chances. Everybody has opportunities. No matter in what situation a person is. It is about coming up with a great business idea and developing it. You don’t need to have the best university degree to come up with an excellent business idea. All you need to do is think. Think a lot.

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