The Best University To Join If You Are To Increase Your Chances Of Being A Mt. Sinai Young President

At the end of the day, joining this particular university is something that one should always try to do. You never know, you could end up being the next Mt. Sinai Young President out of the university.

Managing Your Employees

After you hire the right people, the company’s growth is going to be closely related to their performances. You can’t do it by yourself. This is something that founding entrepreneurs often find difficult to accept. Well, accept it! You need to multiply yourself through your people. And to do this, you’ll need to put lots of energy into managing and motivating them.

Diamonds Are Your Best Friend – Not the Kind You Imagine!

Being in business can sometimes be lonely. It might feel as if you are a lone sailor but it doesn’t need to be that way when you have the right group of people supporting you and your dreams and goals. Here’s how to pick that team!

Political Braying Doesn’t Sound Better In French

The rhetoric about sending jobs overseas sounds familiar. However, this time it comes with a French accent.

Your Energy Source of Productivity and Action

What is it that gives some entrepreneurs the motivation and passion to put in long hours and work tirelessly, while others just burn out? Here is one unconventional way of looking at it.

How to Create a Clever and Creative Elevator Pitch That Demands Attention

If you are a business owner, you probably have experienced the dreaded question that people ask at networking events, cocktail parties and the like, many many times: “So, what do you do?”. And if you found yourself stumbling over your words to deliver the answer, you are not alone!

Essentials of a Great Conference Venue

It is important to find a fitting venue for a business conference. The following article focuses on the main aspect which makes a ideal venue for conference & events.

Basics of Import Success

Many people are eager to begin sourcing products from abroad, most especially from China. And with good reason- the high profit margin of the goods imported.

A Tale of Two Companies and Their Banks

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was… “, well, you get the picture. Over the past several months I’ve been consulting with two separate companies as an outsourced CFO. Both companies need bank financing to stabilize their operations and achieve growth, both companies have struggled through trying economic times, both companies know they need to invest in processes, procedures and personnel in order to grow and achieve desired returns for their owners. I want to share with you how these two companies have been working through the process of structuring bank loans, hiring personnel and investing in internal systems in order to develop companies that can deliver desired shareholder returns. But first, some background information.

Vending Machine Business Cons

There is a lot of confusion regarding the vending machine business. Some claim is a 100% return business, but the truth is, the vending machine business has its cons as well.

Keeping Your Video Production Business on Track Despite the Economic Situation

During the down times of the economy, you’ll find it difficult to get a loan from banks when you need it to fund your video production business. That’s because they believe that you won’t have enough resources to pay for the loan. That’s just how things work and unless you learn how to go with the flow, you won’t be productive on your video business.

Re-Engage Life: Jump Starting Our Personal Economy

Life is not meant to be lived switching between work mode and zone-out mode, yet so many of us live out our days with no more aspiration than to make it home to our couches. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think this comes from laziness. It is deeper than that. If you’re like me, all you want to do is hide away from what the world has become. The couch becomes our secret safe zone, where nothing can hurt us, scare us, or stress us out.

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