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Being Helped Doesn’t Mean Entrepreneurs Should Not Help Themselves

“Can you help me with my business plan?” Or “look at my financial projections?” Or “evaluate my website?” When most entrepreneurs run into a roadblock – or an occasional brick wall – they seek help. As a certified SCORE mentor, one of more than 13,000 similar volunteers spread over 364 chapters throughout the U.S., I get those types of questions almost daily. Some are asked during face-to-face counseling sessions at local colleges. Others arrive by email from all parts of the country because I’m part of SCORE’s public mentor database. How the people asking for help handle the help we provide often surprises me.

Tips for Medical Equipment Manufacturers – Improve Your Supply Chain Today!

Improving supply chain management has been an area of concern in which numerous companies have devoted significant resources towards improving. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chain management has been of particular benefit to medical equipment manufacturers who ship raw materials into their factories and finished goods out of their factories to distributors and retail stores.

The Challenges That Medical Device Manufacturers Face Today

Medical Devices Manufacturers have upped the ante on their production and development these past few years as a response to the growing demand for modern medical tools and innovations. This ever-broadening niche is threatened by a number of factors that may affect the quality and output of many medical device manufacturers today. With the growing rise of the demand for high-quality medical tools along with the ever looming financial crisis that is plaguing many sectors of business, this alone poses a very significant threat to the quality of medical devices manufacturers all over the world.

Prepare Yourself for Entrepreneurial Success

I recently watched a televised interview with John Scully, the CEO Steve Jobs recruited from PepsiCo in 1983 to lead Apple when Jobs was twenty-eight. Reflecting on what happened to Apple over the subsequent twenty-seven years, Scully commented that Apple’s board made a mistake in hiring him. Scully observed that Apple’s board of directors should have, instead, found a way to work with the immensely talented Jobs, despite his difficult personality.

The Power of No

Saying no has always been a challenge for me, but it especially came to light this week, when I was faced with three speaking engagements – two of them needing all new content. One was a real struggle for me, and I found myself becoming very resentful of the entire thing. The problem was, I never should have said yes to the engagement in the first place. It was not at all a group of my ideal clients, the event was nearly an hour away, and I was not being compensated for my time.

How to Start a Business Using the Spice Girl Method

In 1994, Heart Management Ltd placed an advertisement in a trade magazine that invited girls aged between 18 and 23, and who could sing and dance to audition for a new all girl band. More than 400 applied. The five who were chosen became The Spice Girls, and the rest as they say is history. Would it be possible to put together a new business by using a similar approach?

Mind Surgery and 4 Business Models You Can Consider

In today’s economy, more and more people are seeking alternative methods to getting paid. Starting a business is one option and here you will find four popular business models. However, you may need some mind surgery if you are planning to succeed with a business. Yes, mind surgery!

Now Is the Time to Become an Entrepreneur

Dr Oz says that 70% of people in the US are stressed about work. Add to that the fact that more than 80% of the population in America are bored at their jobs, and we can assume that at least half of the workplace is both stressed and bored. They’re stressed because of the uncertainties that come with downsizing in a stagnant economy, and they’re bored because their abilities and skills are greater than the mundane tasks they have to do each day. Do you need any other reasons to start your own business?

Business Dress for Entrepreneurs

The subject of business dress has changed a great deal since the turn of the 21st century. Up until that time, suits for men and women were expected in all but the dirtiest of jobs. Even then, it was not uncommon to find mechanics wearing ties. Now, dressing up seems to be confined to upmarket shops and city offices, whereas dressing down for Fridays seems to have extended to the rest of the week. What should entrepreneurs wear while at work?

The ONE Next Step

If you’d like to get a big juicy project moving forward and have a great time doing it, today is your lucky day. Your first step is to bring to mind that project that sits incomplete but nagging the corners of your mind daily. Are you willing to take that one step today?

What Causes People to Become Entrepreneurs?

Does it matter if entrepreneurs are born or made? No. Not at all. What does matter is that they start businesses, because that’s what separates them from everyone else. But, why do people become entrepreneurs in the first place? What is it about the world of work that compels them to go into business for themselves?

Take Care Of Your Business, XIII

The choices you make regarding how you use your TEA – your personal resources of Time, Energy, and Attention – will go far toward determining which of your own inner natures you allow to dominate you. There are two types of person out there, and in each of us: the critical, political, cynical inner “Victim,” and the appreciative, collaborative, creative inner “Entrepreneur.” When you wisely invest your TEA in positive pursuits, you feed your inner Entrepreneur and starve your inner Victim….

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