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Catching The Fortitude Of Entrepreneurship

Being able to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves is a lot more difficult to do in practice than to talk about. A lot of people might dream about getting rich but aren’t actually taking any action to achieve it. Having a ‘what if’ kind of syndrome and procrastination will certainly strip away the driving spirit, hence that dream will never turn into reality.

How Have Entrepreneurs Shaped Christmas?

Over many years, famous business entrepreneurs have made a lasting impression on our Christmas traditions. They have had an idea, transformed it into a product and developed a business around it.

Millionaire Mindset, Part 1

I have been very fortunate to have clients that range from a millionaire to even a decade-millionaire which means he had a NET WORTH of $10,000,000! Each one has taught me different aspects of what I call the MILLIONAIRE MINDSET. So here are some of the principles: 1.

Why and How To Use Twitter For Business: For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

To many people Twitter is a platform for talking about their lives. You can update what you had for breakfast, your plans for the day, or to ask someone you are following a question. It appears to be more of a personal social media site, and yet there’s a lot of business going on as well. In simplest terms, Twitter is a micro-blogging site where you need to share your message in 160 characters or less.

Why and How To Use Facebook for Business: For Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

When you think about Facebook, you probably think pictures, family, friends, and stories. Connecting on Facebook is primarily a social event. There is, however, a business side to Facebook. And it is to your advantage to learn about the benefits of marketing your business on Facebook because there is a lot of business being done there.

12 Days of Christmas

What can we do to help our clients and ourselves during December? Can we enjoy the holidays and prepare for the New Year at the same time? Yes. Here are a few suggestions…

Priorities for Business Owners

One of the major attributes of successful management is the ability to choose what is the right and realistic priority from all the competing priorities that confront a business. The setting of a clear goal focuses and aligns the energy and effort of the team to achieve stunning results. So often, short term goals and tasks are set reactively in response to an event or circumstance.

Activating the Catholic’s Best-Kept Secret For Squelching Holiday Stress

Stressed over the holidays? Look no further than your nearest Advent wreath to lessen holiday stress.

7 Faulty Reasons for Starting a Business

Thinking about starting a business? Make sure it’s for the right reasons.

Types of Business Entities (US)

Starting a business involves many decisions. What industry? What location? What do you intent to sell? A less obvious question, however, it what type of business entity do you choose? You can either decide to start a sole Proprietor, partnership or incorporate a company. Below I have explained what they are, distinguishing between the different types of company, and the pros and cons of each of them.

What Is an Entrepreneur?

The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take the risk of starting and operating a business for a better life. In this short post, I am going to tell you who an entrepreneur is, what motivates them and what the drawbacks are to becoming one.

Reasons Why Companies Go For A Joint Venture

Contrary to public perception, a Joint Venture can actually involve more than two people. The meaning is the same as that of partnership in business except that “JV” is much more formal and official. It is actually a legal lingo that refers to the company or entity that is formed by the partnership of two or more people in order to start a business.

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