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Why Personal Responsibility Is So Important

We can’t live by principles and values that we don’t know. And unfortunately, for a myriad of reasons, many businesses are being handled with the finest of high tech advancements but are missing the basic building blocks that should have been present from the beginning. We’ve all had the experience of working with companies that left us feeling hugely impressed and yet somehow empty at the same time.

Success Is Something You Make Happen

Success doesn’t happen by accident. It is something that has to be planned and prepared for long in advance. Having a successful mindset is the first step to making success happen.

How To Start A Handmade Jewellery Business

For anyone with some initiative, creativity and a bit of drive there are business opportunities everywhere especially with the internet allowing you to reach out into your potential customers’ lives. Here are some ideas how to do start a handmade jewellery business.

Does Your Personality Limit Your Success?

Your personality does limit your success, if it is not matched with the opportunities that best suit your unique personality. Most people encounter resistance in their area of work because these skills do not come naturally to them and they struggle with trying to gain maximum efficiency. Gaining insight into one’s unique personality traits will highlight one’s natural strengths, which when applied in opportunities that require these natural strengths, will minimize resistance and struggle and maximize efficiency with ease and least resistance.

Create Wow-Appeal! Use The Power Of Happiness To Grow Your Business

Learn how to make yourself Irresistible to potentials and business partners with Wow-Appeal. Get Happy, Get Business!

The 3 Biggest Myths About Intuition Debunked

There are a lot of myths about intuition out there. Maybe you believe some of them as well. But if you do, it makes it harder to use your intuition at all, effectively OR make to make the best use of it.

How to Do Disneyland and Your Business

If I constantly have to look at a to-do list, I miss the opportunities and magical moments that can happen when I’m following my inspiration from one attraction to the next. In your business, you may often find yourself behaving like the masses at Disneyland.

What The Very Successful Organisations Do!

At times we wonder at how successful some organizations can really be compared to others. What makes these organizations so successful? While no one have the whole answer, there are some things we can observe and do that will greatly increase the odds of success in our favor.

Business Ideas – The Really Easy Business Ideas Newsletter – Part 1

We all have lofty dreams about running a multi-national company while sipping margaritas on a beach of a tropical island. But what stops us from trying anything? Fear? Uncertainty?

The Capability Statement

If you are anything like me, you began your business after spending some time in Corporate America. Regardless of the sector or length of time you spent in the “Rat Race” before becoming a Corporate Refugee, you knew the value of a resume. Your resume told prospective employers about your prior experience and your abilities. It provided the reader insight into whether your background and experience met their current needs and objectives. The Capability Statement is to your business what your resume was to your corporate career. If you are selling B2B or B2G, then a kick butt Capability Statement is paramount.

What Are Affiliates and Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s say someone creates a new product and is looking for ways to promote it and advertise it, so they find people or companies that are willing to market this product for a cut of the profit. This is the definition of what an affiliate is in the world of internet marketing.

Make Crazy Requests and You’ll Get Crazy Good Results

You might think it’s obvious to ask for what you need, but do you always ask for what you really want? And are you asking the people who can really deliver more than you requested? You could get a little more outrageous couldn’t you?

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