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Are You a Leader Worth Following? Part 1

What makes a person a leader that people want to follow? Can just anyone be a leader? What are the qualities of a good leader?

Customer Service, Social Media and Small Business

How’s your customer service? Will it get slammed in social media?

Advice For Starting A Business In Qatar

If you’re starting a business in Qatar you will need to go through a variety of processes to ensure that your business is operating legally. Qatar is an opportunity-rich country and you have every chance of making your business in Qatar a success, but it’s vital that you adhere to all of the guidelines set out regarding company formation in Qatar to avoid problems down the line.

From Sharecropper’s Son To Entrepreneur, John Sperling Is A True Success Story

What does it really take to be a successful entrepreneur. One of the best examples of that is John Sperling. Coming from very humble beginnings, lacking money or education. Sperling paved his own road to success. It is common for people to make excuses for their lot in life and overlook opportunity because it was too hard, or they felt that they were not up to the task. What they needed was John’s determination, focus and drive. His, win at any cost mentality helped him to become a pioneer in an industry that continues to grow today.

How to Increase Sales at Christmas of Handmade Jewelry With Wholesale Jewelry

One suggestion to increase sales is to purchase different styles of handmade jewelry from wholesale jewelry suppliers that will complement your own handcrafted jewelry. Having a wider variety of handmade earrings and handmade bracelets will increase sales. Many handmade jewelry wholesalers also offer handmade unique gifts as well to add diversity to your handmade jewelry display.

Are You Being Seduced?

We live in a world that travels at the speed of thought. We all want to be able to be happy and live the lives that we want. So many times, people are so desperate to get what they want they miss what they have to do to get it. On top of that, the are getting seduced into thinking that they can have it immediately. Without having to work, without having to pay any price! Right Now are two words that are seducing millions of people into thinking that they can have it all for nothing! Especially in the new age of online businesses and making money from home, people want it all and don’t want to work for it. So what happens when they start something and don’t succeed? They repeat the whole process with another opportunity. We all need to educate people on what they must do to succeed! There are thousands of great and legit ways to make money… you just have to put in the time and learn the skills to do it!

The Beauty of Asking For What You Want

Are you living your life or the life someone else wants you to live? Are you going after what you want or settling for what you don’t want? Are you afraid of asking for what you want?

Building Trust In Business Relationships – 3 Key Tips

We have come full circle from where we were a century ago, back to the small businessman. The only difference between then and now is that technology plays a role in how we do business. The art of communication has been lost because with the use of smartphones and email we don’t have to talk face-to-face when doing business. This is a good thing because we are truly a global economy, but it is also a bad thing because without good communication in the workplace it creates conflict or misunderstanding. Good communication builds strong relationships and increases sales, whereas, poor communication can cause loss of sales. We need to be aware that a different cultures the same word may have a different meaning, especially in its translation. Think about how in Alaska they have 100 different words for the word snow. We also need to remember that in different cultures there are different ways to show respect. What may be respectable in one culture, may be disrespectful in another culture.

A Shared Dream in Entrepreneurship

Although a small number of interviews with diverse backgrounds and different type of entrepreneurs, these women and men shared their motives for starting businesses; how they overcame challenges, and what knowledge and skills they had and gained. It may provoke some thoughts to those seeking to become entrepreneurs.

As An Entrepreneur Henry Ford Created A High Standard

Entrepreneurs of today can learn a lot from Henry Ford, he not only put in the hours, but also used ingenuity and creativity to build a unique manufacturing model that still works today in American Business. To move more rapidly towards success it is always helpful to learn from those who have done it before you. Henry Ford is a great person to emulate.

Entrepreneurs and Innovation: Fact or Fiction?

As an entrepreneur, either already in business or emerging, you may feel that you need to be incredibly innovative in order to make a statement in the marketplace by providing a product or a service that has never been seen before, or using innovative solutions within your company to create a new way of doing business. But this is not always the case. Read to find out where and when you should search for innovation and seek to provide innovation.

Entrepreneurship As A Student

Some people dream about the opportunity of being their own boss. The flexibility to carry out what you wish whenever you want to do it, and not have to answer to any person but ones self sounds like an optimal employment situation, but one that is out of reach to many. Not as a student.

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