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Women Entrepreneurs – Breaking Away From Typecast Mindsets

Women entrepreneurs are breaking away from the typecast mindsets and carving a niche for themselves in almost every industry that one can think of. Women are exploring new avenues to participate actively in the economy of the country.

Three Strikes and You’re Out in Networking! Top Three Errors for Business Networkers!

Can you be thrown out of the Networking game? You can if you continually make these three business errors! You won’t make it to the 7th inning stretch!

9 Quotes From Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

A list of 9 inspirational quotes from some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent and successful entrepreneurs. Words from their mouths about technology, innovation, success and what that all means to us as human beings.

Who Are You Trying to Impress?

The best conversations with my kids always happen after school, when they are having their afternoon snack and I’m preparing things for dinner. Yesterday was no different. I was asking my five year old son, Cade, about his day, and I said I had noticed he hadn’t mentioned his best friend (as of last week) Brendan much anymore and he said, “I can’t stand Brendan, he’s always trying to act like he knows everything and be somebody he isn’t.”

What Can Businesspeople Learn From Vampires?

Reading the title of this article may leave you scratching your head. But it’s not as far-fetched as you may think! The challenges faced by real people in business, particularly in tough economic times, can be overwhelming. For vampires traditionally unaccustomed to competing in the marketplace it’s an even steeper learning curve. This article explores what businesspeople can learn from these urban fantasy creatures and vice-versa.

A Great Way To Get Started In The Vending Business!

The main reason to place vending machines in your business is to serve as a convenience for your employees. Going down the hall or to the break room to get a drink or a snack is much more convenient than walking down the street to the nearest convenience store or hopping in a car to drive to the closet fast-food drive-thru. Providing this convenience is the main consideration; if you can make a little extra money from this convenience, it’s like icing on the cake.

How To Make Money From Mobile Apps

It’s not hard to develop a mobile app if you’ve got a good idea and a killer team of developers. But designing a monetisation strategy that works, not just for you but your users as well, that’s another challenge altogether.

In Business Location Is King

There is an old saying where buying a house is concerned – location, location, location – find the right house in the right location and you will live happily, but buy in the wrong location and you will live to regret it. Where business is concerned this saying is even more relevant.

Smartphone Money

Earning smartphone money has never been easier, with these simple and easy to follow tips you will be well on your way to earning money today. Here are 4 solid ways to making money with your smartphone.

How To Write A Press Release For Your App

Yes, that’s right. There are App Review companies out there that will review your apps for you. Smart app developers send their Press Release package to these companies and the review goes out to the people. In turn, the people download the applications.

How To Use In-App Purchases Most Effectively

Did you know that 40% of an apps revenue comes from the in-app purchases? IT’S TRUE! And that’s an amazing figure. So when developing an app, especially a game, you need to make sure to optimise your app for the best use of in-app purchases.

The Victorious Entrepreneur – 3 Significant Characteristics You Need To Succeed

I’m about to show you three significant characteristics a victorious entrepreneur needs in order to succeed. These are characteristics that every entrepreneur must know and apply to be the thriving leader of their business.

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