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Expand Your Market With a Trip to the Amusement Park

Hello; In today’s ever increasingly competitive economy its a necessity that companies find new markets for their products and services. This could mean finding new uses for existing products. Or more likely it could be about reaching a market that you hadn’t thought of before.

The Mind Set of the Successful Entrepreneur

What differentiates the successful entrepreneur from anybody else? The clothes they wear, the food they eat, the cars they drive? Find out what goes on inside their head, and how you can utilize this mindset for your own success!

Is Exercise a Part of Your Business Plan?

Does the idea of exercise as part of a business plan sounds strange to you? Understandably so because if you do a quick search on Google for business plans, you’ll see $350.00 offers from consultants to help you write yours and if you’re looking for something less pricey, you’ll see business plan templates for free. All of the plans are fundamentally the same…

Start-Up Business Plan Strategy and Due Diligence

When looking for a start-up business, it is important to have a very strong plan that is based on doing a very through due diligence process. To succeed in any business it is critical to have done your homework before moving forward with your decision. The best surprise, no surprise.

More Money As a Part-Time Entrepreneur: How to Start Your Side Business With These 4 Easy Steps

Discover how to make more money using your talents and skills. Learn the first 4 steps that you can take to become a part-time entrepreneur.

Top 5 Business Resolutions for 2012

The New Year is here. A time of reflection and new beginnings, and more specifically the first quarter represents a perfect time to evaluate your business to understand your short- medium- and long-term goals to ensure steady positive growth.

Steps to Wealth

What you believe about wealth is your reality. If you don’t believe you can become rich, you can’t. If you believe you can, you can. It’s that simple, yet we all know that really is not all there is to it.

When Making a Profit Feels Greedy and Selfish

Does making a profit feel greedy or selfish to you? Is it okay to have some money for yourself? Is it okay to take care of yourself? Is it okay to make a profit? Or maybe it is not okay to have more than just enough, when so many people have so very little. What’s true about this whole profit thing?

Build Your Business With Intention

How to use intention to build your business. Why intention is so important in getting results in your business.

How to Generate Amazing Money Making Ideas

Some of the most lucrative businesses today sprouted from a single genius idea. Read on to learn how to develop such ideas for your own endeavors.

Tips of Starting a Business

The article gives information about starting a new business or buying a business. It tells about various points you need to consider while starting a business.

Barter – The Second Oldest Profession – Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles about my over 30 years of bartering for over $250,000 of products and services. I’ve bartered for for a classic mint condition 1972 Mercedes, two years of living in an 1896 inn, art work and currently living rent and utilities FREE in a beautiful old 1920s bungalow near downtown Atlanta. I will be sharing all my techniques and secrets!

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