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The Proper Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Failure is something every entrepreneur has experienced. Only the ones that get back up are the ones that can’t be broken no matter how long it takes them to achieve their vision.

Entrepreneurs Happen

Behind every successful business is the history of an entrepreneur. Behind every entrepreneur is a story of a man of hard work, initiative, and sacrifices. Entrepreneurs or business men make it happen because of the lessons from past failures and the significant personality traits that make their business flourish.

Coming Up With A New Business Idea

When you have made the decision that you want to start your own business the choices can be overwhelming. There are so many different things that you can do, so many people offering you advice, it can be tempting to fall into analysis paralysis. There are some basic concepts of new business formation that I have seen and thought about over the years that may provide you a starting point.

Partnering For Success In Your Business Relationships

For many who run a business, a vendor vs. partner relationship will arise. I believe partnerships add long lasting value and better results than one of a vendor.

The Worst Reasons to Quit Your Job and Open a Business

There are certain sets of drivers that lead people to venture into their own business. Unfortunately, a certain set of these drivers repeatedly ends in failure.   I think that many people have a skewed view of entrepreneurship and the dedication, sacrifice, creativity and stress involved throughout the process.

Tips on Profitable Business Startup Guidelines

This article will explain the key step to start your online business. Don’t let anyone deceive you, starting up a profitable web business is demanding unless you just want to create a website that will be sitting around with no visitor and therefor no sales or conversions. This article simplifies all the steps necessary to start earning in both online and offline business.

After You Ask, Stop Talking!

Once you ask, the ball is in the other person’s court. If you take it back you run the risk of erasing the question – it can be as if you never asked.

Getting Rich: A Snail’s Guide

Majority of the time, people think getting rich should be quick and easy, however most of us who have been on the Internet marketing scene know this to be far from true. Follow these simple steps to reprogram your thought process and take advantage of the snail’s slow pace to riches!

The Sweeps Story

I was living on the West Coast of Scotland having recently published an amalgam of stories written about what had happened in the Oil Exploration Business when, instead of being told what to do by their bosses, the drilling crews were allowed to think for themselves about their own solutions to their own problems. This is what happened when a local businessman learned those same lessons.

Does Greed Control The Business Entrepreneur?

There is a huge difference between hunger for money and greed. In my opinion, hunger for money makes you strive harder for perfection and apologize for mistakes along the way. On the other hand, greed makes you invincible in your own eyes and may even go so far as to ruin your reputation in the business world as a business entrepreneur! Is there a common ground?

Success! 3 Steps To Define, Live, Own Your Values

A few weeks ago, a client asked me why I am so passionate about values. Why so much of what I discuss with my clients; the tools I suggest and the actions I take; why does it always come back to values? I thought it was a great question, and one worth discussing.

Stop Worrying About Your Competition

I have seen so many savvy, soul-filled entrepreneurs completely wreck their purpose because they spend more time worrying about their competition than worrying about their own business. The best gift you can give yourself as a business owner is to stop fretting about your competition and start focusing on your own back yard. This simple shift empowers you to design a business and a life that serves you and serves others at an exceptionally high level.

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