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7 Reasons Every Smart Entrepreneur SHOULD Write A Book

Business owners and entrepreneurs are almost ready made authors. You already have content – you use it every day to run, organize, market and promote your business. Also, a book makes an unforgettable business card and is a great networking tool. Here are seven reasons for establishing your expertise through a book:

The Three ‘B’s of Business

Technology comes and goes, but there are basic skills that every new entrepreneur needs to master. They have all been with us for many years: unchanged – none of them are new or trendy. Businesses survive with owners who blunder along without them, but most fail to prosper. Ignoring the problem places a burden on the business that it likely to weigh it down with unnecessary ballast.

Ways To Be Unstoppable, Part 3

I am going to share with you steps that if applied to your business, you WILL be unstoppable! My challenge and action for you is this: Begin applying 1 idea each week, just ONE!

Checklist: The Ten Commandments For The Rookie Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneurs have created a system that proves itself; therefore they already know what to do when they are ready to found their next startup company. Sometimes though, it also happens that serial entrepreneurs fail and require shutting down, however such a scenario is less likely to occur comparing to early stage entrepreneurs. I would like to review here what I believe are the “ten commandments” a beginner entrepreneur should pay attention to, in order to increase the chances of success.

The PERFECT STORM / Online Marketing

Article covers current economic factors and trends that are affecting the average American. Information designed to guide people into understanding current trends and how they impact the individual in their search for online income.

Education In Today’s Society

The role education plays today, in comparison of what it played in the past. In addition seeing if it has changed for the better, worse, or same.

Do You Take Your Business Personally?

We are people who have lives, who love and care for others. As humans we are compassionate, thoughtful and we have feelings. So how can we take the feelings out of business? We can’t. We can, however, take the negativity out of it.

Navigating The Entrepreneurial Food Chain

Entrepreneurs can find their new businesses either being fed or being fed upon. How they navigate the entrepreneurial food chain can determine their company’s success.

Sue the Rascals! Be A Plaintiff in Court Without The Services Of A Lawyer

It’s the cost of litigation that gives the big guys the advantage in such disputes and disagreements. Although the court system of America is “not user friendly”, it provides a most useful weapon with which an average person, with limited means, can challenge the big corporation which display little, if any concern for truth and fairness. These giant monster sized companies can be forced to defend their capricious offers in the would-be victim’s hometown. The use of Small Claims Court is not for everybody, of course, but it exists for those individuals who feel themselves able to present a good presentation-in open court.

Ways to Be Unstoppable, Part 2

21 Steps to being unstoppable. When each of these steps are mastered and used on a daily basis within your life and your businesses, successes results are undeniable.

Ways to Be Unstoppable, Part 1

In Part 1 of this 3 part article, I am going to share with you 21 steps that if applied to your business, you WILL be unstoppable! My challenge and action for you is this: Begin applying 1 idea each week, just ONE! Go through all 21 and start from the beginning again. If you keep doing this over and over, there is no way you can avoid being completely unstoppable not just in your business, but in ALL areas of your life!

What To Consider When Starting A Bakery

Is owning and running a bakery the right thing for you? What should you consider before starting a bakery? These and other questions regarding opening a bakery are answered in this article.

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