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Blazing the Path to the Largest Company in the World

From a garage to the largest company in the world?! Apple has amazed the world, so did its founder Steve Jobs. Check out our story about this amazing entrepreneur.

Focus on Your Core Business

Entrepreneurs must focus on their core business and avoid distraction. New businesses often attract many “opportunities” that simply dilute the time available for the core business. Evaluate opportunities carefully to assess their value and viability. Focus on your core business and devote your attention to that.

Entrepreneurs Must Focus on Their Core Business

Following my earlier article, this encourages entrepreneurs to focus on their core business. Diluting the core business with ancillary off shoots will have a negative effect on a new business.

What Is an Entrepreneur and How Do You Become One?

Do you know what an entrepreneur is? If you’d like to get started as an entrepreneur, there are some steps you can follow to get acclimated to this current internet marketing world.

How to Recover After a Business Failure

Nobody likes failure, no matter the field of endeavor. You can however recover after a failure. What about business failure? How can you turn your failure into success? What do you need to consider to enable you recover from a business failure?

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Embrace It

Did you have grand plans for your business only to find out what you thought would happen just didn’t? Maybe you built an entire solution based upon one client’s specs, just to find out – only a small additional market was interested?

Answer These 5 Quick Questions to Move Forward in Your Business

When I just started my business and struggled to find clients and earn enough money, I thought that one day I would have figured everything out and I could relax in a business that would practically run itself. I learned a thing or two about being an entrepreneur over the past years, including that this day will NEVER come. On the one hand I’m very glad about this, because I’d be bored to death if nothing ever changed.

Wake Up and Make That Goal a Reality

Most people die with big dreams/Ideas that might have changed their life and the whole world. The grave has the greatest untapped gifts – songs that would have been sung, talents, great innovations and concepts – however these dreams died with the individuals because to fears of failure.

Entrepreneurship – Why You Don’t Need a Degree to Be an Entrepreneur and 7 Things You Do Need

Entrepreneurship – You don’t necessarily need a degree or MBA to be an entrepreneur. However, there are a few things you do need and this list of seven items will help you on your way.

Set Your Priorities for Success in Business and Life

Have you ever climbed up a ladder which was over 25 ft. high? Then, when you are near the top, you have to stretch up and reach to unscrew a spot light, and then step and reach out again to replace the old bulb with a new one. As you climb up the ladder you look at each rung and step to make certain you keep your footing. Once you are near the top you realize you will need to stretch out a bit past the ladder to get to the light.

Let’s Get Started – Together!

The current state of the economy is UNKNOWN!! This is for several reasons, that I am NOT going address in this article. I am going to discuss how we as citizens in this great country should take the inititive and focus on what we can do for ourselves TODAY rather than wait for our government and our society to dictate how we as individuals are going to be productive citizens of this great country.

Working With Private Lenders in Commercial Finance

In today’s challenging marketplace, it’s imperative to get to know your lenders if you want them to take you seriously. Refrain from submitting deals that do not meet their investment criteria. Secure your lenders first, then educate and sell to your clients.

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