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The Shortcut to Grow Your Business and Get Better Results

Before you get all excited about this shortcut, let me begin by telling you what it is NOT. If I’m gonna let you down, I might as well start with that, right? The shortcut to grow your business & get better results So, here’s what it’s NOT: It is not some mystery that has been kept a secret from the general public since the beginning of times – until now… ; It’s no guarantee for instant success, riches and happiness; And no, it will not instantly solve all of your issues without any kind of effort or difficulty. It IS however THE shortcut to: Growth; Success; Change whatever you want to change. Still interested to find out what this mysterious shortcut is?

Three Reasons To Start a Vending Business!

The vending business offers a very real profit opportunity for entrepreneurs. Though there are some landmines, obstacles, and potential issues in the business (like any business), vending offers the chance for individuals to start and operate a small business without too much effort or money. According to…

Expert Positioning: Develop A Story Of Struggle

When you are seen as an iconic industry expert, the business starts coming to you. One important aspect of your efforts to position yourself as iconic is the way in which you tell your public story.

How to Overcome the “Ducks in a Row” Syndrome

3 tips to overcome the “ducks in a row” syndrome. Do you have this syndrome? We need to have the ducks lined up just so, before it is perfect to begin whatever it is to be done. Another word for this is Procrastination.

Scenario for Earning Professional Development Units (PDU) To Maintain Your PMP Certification

Depending on how you earn the professional development units (PDU) required to renew your PMI credential, you can be facing relatively high costs. Earning PDUs, no matter how you receive them, will require some level of planning and research, but they can be integrated into your daily work if you plan them properly.

Is Your Business Concept Feasible?

The word feasible means “doable”. In other words, is it possible for your business concept to succeed? If you determine that it is most likely not possible, then you should not spend the time and energy to develop a business plan for execution. A feasibility analysis a method to evaluate three areas: your market potential, management team capital, and financial viability.

The Gamification of E-Learning

Gamification is the hot buzz word in the training and e-learning world, but what does it mean to you and most importantly your business? I think the premise of Gamification is good, the basic ideas behind it being that people learn best through experiences. Those experiences then drive user engagement which helps compliance. If the e-learning game is executed properly gamification should yield a positive result for your business. Let’s take a look a the key tenets of successfully executing on the concepts of gamification in the e-learning world. Learning though experience, driving user compliance and being built around a clear business objective.

Success In Your Life

Most of us want to be successful. The biggest challenge you’ll ever encounter is YOU.

Adversity and Wet Brick Walls

Over the past few years, I’ve watched and studied different types of business owners during their start-up phases. I’ve noticed similar traits to those that are successful in achieving success launches, versus those that never seem to reach the launchpad.

How To Get More Done By Doing Less

It seems to be counterintuitive to most, but daydreaming can be a highly productive thing to do. Too many people suffer the belief you have to be constantly super-busy to get the most things done. Here is a great way to counter that argument.

Scaling the Resignation Hurdle

Are you wondering, ‘Should I resign and then set up my business or set up my business and then resign?’ Here’s the answer!

Quicksand and Business Failure

This article discusses winning in business and overcoming your fears. It discusses the quicksand analogy used in the movie The Replacement Players; and it’s paralyzing impact on plays in business.

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