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Are Our MBA Universities Failing Us?

Should you go to business school? Well, really that depends on your career goals in life, for instance if you want to work for a Fortune 500 company, having an MBA might get you a position as a business manager for one of their operating units. Do I have an MBA, hell no I don’t, and no I don’t want an honorary degree even if I’ve earned it in the real world.

Taking the Plunge – Are You Ready to Switch From Employee to Entrepreneur?

You may be considering to fire your boss and start your own company. But before you do so there are a few things you need to check. Here are the 5 things you need to have in place before your start your own business.

How to Manage the Naysayers

Whenever working on a really big goal, you will be hit hard with naysayers. Here is how best to manage this and keep your project moving forward.

Ten Tips to Help Online Entrepreneurs Stay Motivated

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who believe in themselves and are able to forge ahead in the face of adversity. These ten strategies used by the most successful online businesspeople as a way to stay motivated.

The Middle Class Are Always Late to the Party

This is an ageless title because this tends to be the nature of how society works regardless of what era you live in. There is a constant war between the rich and the middle class which has only gotten worse in recent years. Why are we debating whether to increase taxes on the rich and if they should do more to help a struggling economy?

Ten Reasons Why Most People Venture Into Business

Having gone through several books, manuals, articles, listened to speakers speak at seminars and explored the internet, including major social networks to research reasons why many people go into and what they have benefited from doing business over the years. Most of those I came across are those who started business from scratch, who have also garnered much experience from what they do.

To Be an Entrepreneur or Not to Be

Probably almost everyone is asking this question to himself from time to time during his life. Mass media is overloaded with the information about business owners who are luxuriating and demonstrating advantages of the owning of private business instead of the working for someone else. Of course, the reasonable people understand that in the most cases, we are witnesses of the fairly rare cases of the personal success.

The Biggest Mistakes Inventors Make When Commercialising Their Idea

many inventors make some easy to avoid mistakes so that they will be more successful. This article covers some common ones.

What Is Collections And How Does It Work For My Business?

Of the five basic definitions of collection(s) in most dictionaries, the one most relevant to business is, “a request for money in order to help people or to pay for something important.” The “pay for something important” phrase is the key point to remember. If your company sold a product or service to another company, then that product or service was important to that company. Therefore, paying your company promptly should be just as important to that customer, and to your company. Cash flow trouble is unavoidable if either party loses this awareness of the mutual importance of prompt payment.

How You As Woman in Business Can Get Yourself a Mentor?

Each one of us who want to succeed in anything could use some guidance, not to mention in business. How can you as woman in business get yourself a mentor and make your road to success shorter?

Stop Wasting Your Time – Put the Soul Back in Your Business

Do you want to easily attract more clients, more money and more opportunities to your business? Then stop wasting your time on activities that don’t make your heart sing.

How To Build Successful Relationships That Grow Your Business

Success is a team sport. We all believe that we achieve everything by ourselves, but in fact it is all about who you know. This article shows you how to build those important relationships. We judge a business by its contracts and we judge a persons success by their network

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